Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Denim shirt (Esprit), Spotted Shirt (OXYGEN), Bracelet (OXYGEN), Full Length Pants (Wrangler), Flannel (Ralph Lauren), Brown Boots (Forever 21).

As I have promised, I will do an outfit post of what I wore mainly for the Flique Magazine Launch and which I also wore during Dell's Event since they were both held during one day and I couldn't have the luxury to go back to my house which is in Cavite (will probably take an hour or two for a ride).

I chose to wear this because I thought it had the 90's vibe... well I haven't get to do much research as I'm very bombarded with things I have to do in my current life but I think the fashion that time has a lot to do with denims as I have remembered (pardon my memory I was really just a kid back in the 90's).

Another reason why I had this as my outfit during that day because I am just so excited to wear that spotted shirt I got from Oxygen, don't you guys think it's just so neat!?

Oh and a friend of mine once told me that most fashion bloggers get to have their outfit shots looking away or doing some "candid" stuff and few would look straight into the camera, now in that connection I have a concrete idea why I look away or whatever... it is simply because I am trying to look good/thin, I just got to have the proper angle to show more jaw as an illusion to be skinny and show less of those unwanted curves and rolls.

I hope I somehow entertained you with this post and if you have suggestions on how I would look better on pictures PLEASE do tell me and feel free to comment about anything related to this post and please do hype my look on Lookbook!

Special thanks to Mr. George Barcarse for these very wonderful shots!


Photos by: George Barcarse
Venue: The Columns, Makati

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  1. I must agree. I'm even looking forward to buying the denim type dress I saw last time at cache cache this weekend. Denims are becoming in trend again nowadays. and yes polka dots or spotted too! :) It's ironic cause we even laughed at our oldies fashion and style way back then and yet they're IN again and not baduy anymore. :)

    1. I believe buying it would be a good idea, especially with a sense of style as good as yours Mutzii! :)

    2. LOL. Thanks! Bdw, what should I call you? Vergil or Lloyd? TC! :D

  2. So gwapo as always, V!! :) Great shots! Haha I agree with the "candid/looking away" shots. I feel konting awkward if I look straight to the camera and yes, like you, I'm trying to achieve my better angle. HAHA! See you soon, V!

    Arnie Villanueva

    1. But you're already pretty regardless of angles. :)

  3. I'm into denims now, too! So cool outfit, Verge!