Monday, March 4, 2013

7 For All Mankind: Beautiful Odyssey

The world's premiere leader in denim and lifestyle products, 7 For All Mankind, unveils its SS13 Brand Campaign with the brand's creative agency LIPMAN teaming up with the very talented James Franco.

The campaign is called The Beautiful Odyssey which explores the concept of Love and Connectivity symbolized through a white wedding in a setting of California beach sunset.

James Franco takes a different direction with an added twist as the audience will take part to the fate of the characters through the manipulation of the storyline from an interactive Facebook initiative. 7 For All Mankind will release three (3) interactive trailers that coincide with polling questions allowing the viewer to vote for the direction they want the storyline to go. The outcome is a new Audience Cut edition of A Beautiful Odyssey.

A comprehensive social media and digital strategy is aligned to support the three (3) interactive trailers. The campaign culminates with an exclusive screening of James Franco’s Director’s Cut on April 25th, 2013 in Los Angeles. A simultaneous broadcast of the both Audience Cut & Director’s Cut will be shown simultaneously on Facebook pages & on April 25th, 2013.

Stay tuned for the Pin-to-win Contest on their Pinterest to get a chance to win a VIP Campaign Film Premiere at LA with a friend!

The fate of two lovers is in YOUR hands. Uncover their secrets & deepest desire to choose the path they’ll take. Will their love flourish on the side of innocence? Or will past experiences bring their fall of paradise?

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Sunday, March 3, 2013


Julep is a mint based cocktail that came to inspire me to come up with this look with its casual elegance.

I know most of us are excited for two things, graduation and SUMMER! Well no need to anticipate for the former because I have fully graduated as I just gotten my transcript and diploma (lol after one year!) so I guess all I'm looking forward to is the latter, I know I have no plans yet for the summer but just like Phineas and Ferb I will be making the most out of it. 

 Mint Shorts (Giordano)
Check out more of their shorts that are very conducive for summer 2013!

Owl Acrylic Necklace (Cravemore)

Long-sleeves Button-down (Energie)
I really love this kind of detail, quite hidden, it is kind of a little surprise for the people who wear it.

Shoes (Zara)

Hope You like my outfit!

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Le Petit Cheri

Just a couple of hours ago, my friend and I get to have the chance to try this very eloquent and elegant patisserie restaurant, Le Petit Cheri just along Molito Lifestyle Center, Alabang.

I know I embrace much of my Asian ancestry with how I design my space (and our house) with contemporary aesthetics, although there is a part of me that appreciates a little bit of romanticism from the European perspective.

I just love how they made those luggage as a functional seats which added a casual yet classy vibe to the room.

This is how the tables look, very conducive for those guys out there who would want to take their ladies out for a date.

These are actually large breads, like you have to use both arms to carry 'em. Yes, they are for sale but I apologize I forgot to ask how much they are. 

 Pictures from different tourist spots around Europe surely made the ambiance exquisite and the draping of the purple curtains complemented and highlighted the large panels to view the outside. 

I saw them make the crepes and it just made me salivate. lol. 

 I apologize for the narcissism. lol.
Details of this outfit:

This staircase leads you to the second floor where there are books readily available for you to read, most of their books are about pop icons and culture. The place is also wifi capable for those who want to work in this kind of environment and setting.

This is my friend Joy Avilla who helps me take my pictures and here you may conclude what we decided to read... Yey directioners!

Truffle Cake - 145.00 php
You will not regret buying this one, might seem to be expensive but it's worth it. It is simply deliciously moist, not too sweet as it has nuts (almonds I think) to complement the flavor of the chocolate.

Crepe Petit - 245.00 php
I think this is their specialty in desserts crepes and I fully recommend you guys to taste this! It has peaches that was poached with red wine partnered with vanilla ice cream and chocolate caramel whip, combine them all together and it's a total foodgasm inside your mouth.

Thank you Le Petit Cheri for a dining experience worth repeating again. From the ambiance to the food to the service of the staff, everything was great! Good job for the management/owner. Too bad I only get to taste their desserts, hopefully next time I'd get to let you know more about them.

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