Saturday, March 1, 2014

Celebrate the World

This is one of the outfits I had when I went to Baguio recently and I guess I have went all "Lorax" on this but hey where else better can I wear something like this right? lol.

I suppose it is kind of retro-ish and stuff but only because I want those decades where people care about nature so much, being an environmentalist that I am, I truly advocate to preserve nature to the simplest acts that I do everyday and I really hope you guys do too. 

Aviator (Forever 21), Acrylic Necklace (Cravemmore)

Denim Vest (Topman), Long Sleeves Stiped Shirt (Forever 21).

Full Length Denim Pants (Energie)

Arm Candy (Aldo), Time Keeper (Ipod Nano, MAC)

Brown Sneakers (Topman).

Going back to the whole "saving the planet" thing, here is a link I found to give you some ideas how to help:

Let us all do our part to preserve nature and continue Celebrating the World.


Venue: Baguio City
Photographed by: Alaiza Malate