Monday, June 25, 2012

Techie Trip with DELL

Now who doesn't know Dell right? Their mainstream products are being used both in offices and households.

With Lifestyle bloggers - Vince and Alwyn and writer - Jacob.

Nuvo still serves the one of the best appetizers in town.

With Colins Mabborang. We went to the same University and we are both former officers of our University Student Council. T'was really great meeting him here.

Christopher "Chris" Papa, Country Manager.

Christopher Syling, Business Development Manager.

Johny Dermawan, Senior Brand Manager

This is the best part of the event, he was totally dissecting the laptop to show us the vital parts and how they are well protected to make the whole gadget more durable. 

Now let me show you samples of their products.

Of course I won't be just giving you pictures from the event. I will be telling you more about them as well, although I am not well inclined with techie stuff I will do my best to give you information about it.

Dell's objective here as I have witnessed their presentation is all about business manageability and data security in updated computing line.

The following are the key features of the new line products:

Long-lasting durability- StrikeZone shock absorber, Fast Response Free-Fall Sensor, and with newly added rubber hard drive isolation helps protect data from drops and vibration. As I have told you awhile ago, Mr. Dermawan has shown us the integral parts of one laptop and demonstrated how every part gets to be protected. Letting a gadget slip, bumped or fall is obviously an inevitable dilemma and so Dell has produced us their line giving features that will prevent damage caused by those.

Productivity- Long battery-life with up to 32.7 hours with an optional 9-cell battery + slice + bay, 2GB* of memory, integrated graphics, Third generation Intel Core processor technology and optional 128GB* SSD* and ExpressCharge for 80 percent recharge in an hour. Usually a gadget that is well used will just last 24 hours and it takes 2 hours to charge it fully which is a hassle for those people who needs them on the go.

Industry's most manageable business PCs- The latest Intel vPro systems management Intel Active Management Technology 8.x with Dell's unique vPro extensions that support remote BIOS management and remote hard drive wipe enabling IT to remotely manage Latitude E-family laptops and Optiplex desktops, including easy out-of-band management. Now for simpler words, the IT from your office will no longer need to go to computer to computer just to configure some specifications.

High-level data protection- Dell Data Protection | Encryption offers the highest level of FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) 140-2 Level 3 certification commercially available with the optional Dell exclusive Hardware Encryption Accelerator. For those people from the corporate world, they know exactly how data security is very important and now with this it will be harder for hackers to gain access.

USB 3.0- enables fast wired data transfers for local storage and sync, delivers 10 times faster speed than USB 2.0 and USB powershare to charge USB 3.0 devices when in sleep mode.

Enhanced Connectivity and Performance- Third Generation Intel Core processor options, as well as increased memory and discreet graphic options. This will give you more viewing pleasure and now you just have to say goodbye to those "hanging moments".

One of the best features I must say about their product is the fact that they will give you the power to troubleshoot on your own as the gadget has light signals to let you know what is wrong if ever you have troubles, with this you can save effort and time on calling representatives that are usually busy to accommodate and of course money for hiring a technician just to fix it.

Whether we are entrepreneurs or just simple people having such technologies for personal use, I believe Dell can provide you user-friendly and efficient gadgets.

I would like to extend my gratitude to Dominguez Marketing Communications, Inc. for inviting me in this event, more power!


Photos by: Vergil Lloyd Chua
Venue: Nuvo, Greenbelt 3

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