Thursday, June 28, 2012

Plains and Planes

Structured brown buttondown (Bleach Catastrophe), Bone Dagger Necklace (OS Accessories), Time Keeper (Rolex), Bracelet (Oxygen), Bronze Full-Length Pants (Penshoppe) and Black Leather Shoes (Bradford).

You can never go wrong with neutrals. It gives you a very soft look but with an edge if you pull it off with some strong features, it's like make up when you just aim for something nude but give your eyes that very smokey look. In my case I like the detail on my top that makes me look thinner and taller... but what really makes me taller are my bradford shoes lol! I love them!

By the way, this is what I wore during the 7 For All Mankind Party.

Special thanks to the very talented and influential Miko Carreon for taking these awesome shots!


Photos from: Miko Carreon
Venue: Resorts World Manila

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Party Nights: 7 FOR ALL MANKIND

Jacob Gayanelo, Miko Carreon (who is one of their influencers, congrats to him!), Angel Rodriguez, Raiza Poquiz, me and Jacky Moraleda.

with Aisa Ipac, Arnie Villanueva, Miko Carreon and Paul Chuapoco.

With Miko Carreon and Matt!

With Arnie Villanueva and Kelly Medina.

With Rovie Divinagracia and Jacky Moraleda.
I am so sorry for looking drunk here... I'm so red!

With Jacob Gayanelo and Henry Hardie.

This is one of the best parties I have been to! I stayed for a long time! Music was so awesome not to mention the crowd as well!  So if you guys want to have a crazy friday night, you better be here!

Not too late to party with them guys! They will be at Republiq til the 3rd of August!

7 for all Mankind will give you not just one but two invites if you purchase a regular item. They have stores at Greenbelt 5, Powerplant Mall and Trinoma. I must say that they have premium jeans there just like what I saw on their facebook. Check 'em out and click on these links to see their:

Hopefully I'll get to see you guys partying here!


Photos from: Angel Rodriguez of Wonder Woman Rises
and Arnie Villanueva
Venue: Republiq, Resorts World Manila
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Regardless of all the technology we are having as of the moment with those portable gadgets that can serve as reading materials especially since the birth of E-books, it is still different to carry on a book and read it since it doesn't contribute to any radiation that your body might absorb plus it still gives off that pleasing and calming nostalgia to flip pages as we go through with it.

In this connection, Moonleaf has organized an event that all you book lovers out there will surely enjoy! This event is just pretty simple, just bring books - to sell, share or trade and go grab tea while you're at it.

Bookswap- swap your books with your fellow book lovers. In this way you both benefit from it and if you are a very sociable person you can also gain friends.

Booktrade- If you have well valued books, you may sell it here, although there will be a ceiling price of 100php per book but hey! 100php is still money! and for those who loves book this is an upside since it will be sold very cheap.

Bookdrive- if you value and support education and if you're kind enough you may donate books that the youth will surely benefit from. This is also in partnership with Global Shapers by Anna Oposa.

Books-free-for-all- you may giveaway books with your co-book lovers who will be at the event!

For all those people who needs help how to go there please cick on to this LINK.

By the way, for the first 100 people to register they will give you felt bookmarks!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Denim shirt (Esprit), Spotted Shirt (OXYGEN), Bracelet (OXYGEN), Full Length Pants (Wrangler), Flannel (Ralph Lauren), Brown Boots (Forever 21).

As I have promised, I will do an outfit post of what I wore mainly for the Flique Magazine Launch and which I also wore during Dell's Event since they were both held during one day and I couldn't have the luxury to go back to my house which is in Cavite (will probably take an hour or two for a ride).

I chose to wear this because I thought it had the 90's vibe... well I haven't get to do much research as I'm very bombarded with things I have to do in my current life but I think the fashion that time has a lot to do with denims as I have remembered (pardon my memory I was really just a kid back in the 90's).

Another reason why I had this as my outfit during that day because I am just so excited to wear that spotted shirt I got from Oxygen, don't you guys think it's just so neat!?

Oh and a friend of mine once told me that most fashion bloggers get to have their outfit shots looking away or doing some "candid" stuff and few would look straight into the camera, now in that connection I have a concrete idea why I look away or whatever... it is simply because I am trying to look good/thin, I just got to have the proper angle to show more jaw as an illusion to be skinny and show less of those unwanted curves and rolls.

I hope I somehow entertained you with this post and if you have suggestions on how I would look better on pictures PLEASE do tell me and feel free to comment about anything related to this post and please do hype my look on Lookbook!

Special thanks to Mr. George Barcarse for these very wonderful shots!


Photos by: George Barcarse
Venue: The Columns, Makati

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Flick + Clique = FLIQUE MAGAZINE

Bianca Valero as she hosted the event.

Flique Magazine Team with their Editor John Lozano.

Those two guys with such colorful outfits won the best dressed of the night. Congratulations!

Presenting their covergirl, Ms. Yeng Constantino.

Now will show you some photo dump :P
Rovie and me.

Jacky and Rovie.

Angel and Henry, we all agreed they look good together. :)

Megann and Rovie.

Sporting their knee high socks that both rocked the night!

With Paul the PR Guy.

Spotted Mr. Jeff Bascon of Oxygen!

Those last two pictures were taken from Ana Gonzales' Blog- The Fashionista Commuter.

The theme of the event was 90's and I'm not really sure if you can vibe the 90's with my outfit lol! Will post my outfit shot soon.

I was able to relate with some of the songs that were played though I admit that I am born on 1991 still I was really a kid but I guess I am a music lover even by then to have them recognized.

T'was a great party in overall and super enjoyed it!
Congratulations Flique Magazine!
Grab a copy now! and follow them on:

Photos by: Vergil Lloyd Chua
Venue: Opus, Resorts World Manila

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