Thursday, February 28, 2013

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Friday, February 15, 2013


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Wednesday, February 6, 2013


 Long-sleeves button-down (Energie), Gray Graphic Shirt (Antony Morato), Brown Shorts (Energie), Borwn Striped Socks (SM Accessories), Shoes (Topman), Aviators (Forever 21) and Time Keeper (Rolex).

As I have mentioned from my previous post, I just got my boyzilian and all i can see in my nether region is swath of pure cleanliness... I think I will be keeping it this way.

Through the years of my life I have gained a lot yet also lost some, oh well it is inevitable. There may be things that I can see through the "swath of my life" like my health lol! But seriously I have been sick for quite some time now, next would be the people that I have been with and sometimes I can't help but to accept that we are taking different roads now and lastly are the dreams and ideals that used to be important to me, it saddens  me somehow but then again moving on is a process that needs to be done enable to live and so I do it as quickly as possible. No time to waste.

Few days from now it will be my birthday again and I am happy that despite some sad thoughts I may be having, in totality I am indeed... happy.

Hope I made sense to you guys and I hope that you like the outfit plus a new vocabulary word for some! Feel free to comment and yes, thank you to all the people who will give me gifts. :)

Thank you to Joy Avilla for taking these pictures for me.

STRIP: Boyzilian

Valentines Day is fast approaching and to those guys out there who want to surprise their women to a delightful evening, this might give you an idea. Here's a fact, I was just told that there are a lot of guys nowadays that undergo this and i wouldn't be surprised because a lot of women today are very much enticed to cleanliness plus I guarantee you that the world looks a lot bigger than you think.

I just recently had my boyzilian at Strip (Serendra branch), it is brazilian waxing for boys, but before I elaborate my experience about it let me give you a background about Strip.

Strip Ministry of Waxing is established at Singapore in 2000 by Cynthia Chung since then it has expanded all around the globe from London, New York, Hong Kong to the Philippines which was brought by Tab Abad who is the Managing Director of Strip Manila.

The services is truly of quality as their waxing advocates mantra of hygiene, speed, safety and comfort that will make the experience worth it.

This is their waiting area.
I apologize for the poor image quality because I forgot the MMC of my camera which is still with my friend til now so I had to use my phone's camera instead.

I was told that every store has its distinct vibe as each has a corresponding vibrant global interiors.

This branch entails the theme of the London streets, lovely isn't it?

The products and services are just as dynamic, with names like New York Vanilla Cupcake Wax and Hoochie-Coochie Facial to complement the wide range of sensory experiences that make a Strip waxing extraordinarily enjoyable. For the Chinese Lunar New Year of 2013, another delicious scent joined their extensive wax menu: Shanghai Summer Orange, which I happen to try and it smelled so appealing, oh if you guys are wondering, it was NOT PAINFUL as I thought it would be, Try it!

This is where the magic... happened lol.

Every therapist undergoes a rigorous training procedure in Singapore, with many Stripperellas bearing medical backgrounds. Each customer is provided a sealed waxing kit for the procedure, a testament to Strip’s dedication to hygiene which is really great because each pack contains ton of Popsicle sticks to ensure to you that they will not be double dipping it to the wax. Regular inspections ensure excellent quality control, and every system is connected to the Singapore headquarters to back that guarantee. The software for Strip’s IPL machine is upgraded at least once a year, offering customers the latest advancements in hair removal technology. While the brand itself is fun and sassy, it’s also very serious in giving its clients nothing but excellence.

This is Mr. Monkey who helped me divert my attention from the whole waxing action by letting me squeeze him. lol.

Ms. Christina, my therapist who took care of me.
Thank you so much!

Of course Ms. Monique Jamlang, Marketing Manager. Who was very bubbly and fun.
Thank you so much to you and to your very friendly staff.

 For more details just log on to their website
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Don't forget to visit their stores:
2nd floor, Serendra at Bonifacio Global City
4th floor, Greenbelt 5

I would like to thank Kira Ramirez of Outsmark for the invite.