Saturday, February 22, 2014


Wow, I cannot believe this is the first blog entry i would do for this year... man I think I was too busy! Well let's face it, I got everything piled up with work and the things that I want to achieve plus I had been sick so yeah... it sucks!

Oh and if you noticed, my blog is back with the whole instead of ".com" because I forgot to pay my domain, oh well I hope I'll get it back soon.

I went to Baguio recently just to experience how "cold" it was (and of course to bond with my workmates) and so far its lowest temperature was 13 degrees Celsius which wasn't so bad at all.

It feels a lot nicer when the cold wind mixes with the warm sunlight.

 Red Shades (Aldo)

 Cross Necklace (Topman), Arm Candy (Aldo), Time Keeper (Fossil)

 White Full Length Pants (Uniqlo)

Red Long Sleeves Shirt (Giordano)

 Gray Shoes (Zara)

I have always loved travelling, there is just a lot of things to learn and experience out there and with it I get to appreciate life more, understand life more and to love life even more.

Hope you guys like my outfit. Hype it up on Lookbook:


Venue: Baguio City
Photographed by: Alaiza Malate