Thursday, June 28, 2012


Regardless of all the technology we are having as of the moment with those portable gadgets that can serve as reading materials especially since the birth of E-books, it is still different to carry on a book and read it since it doesn't contribute to any radiation that your body might absorb plus it still gives off that pleasing and calming nostalgia to flip pages as we go through with it.

In this connection, Moonleaf has organized an event that all you book lovers out there will surely enjoy! This event is just pretty simple, just bring books - to sell, share or trade and go grab tea while you're at it.

Bookswap- swap your books with your fellow book lovers. In this way you both benefit from it and if you are a very sociable person you can also gain friends.

Booktrade- If you have well valued books, you may sell it here, although there will be a ceiling price of 100php per book but hey! 100php is still money! and for those who loves book this is an upside since it will be sold very cheap.

Bookdrive- if you value and support education and if you're kind enough you may donate books that the youth will surely benefit from. This is also in partnership with Global Shapers by Anna Oposa.

Books-free-for-all- you may giveaway books with your co-book lovers who will be at the event!

For all those people who needs help how to go there please cick on to this LINK.

By the way, for the first 100 people to register they will give you felt bookmarks!

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