Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bloggers United 3

June 2, 2012 marked history as the third installment of Bloggers United once again made it possible for our favorite prominent online personalities come together in the flesh to sell us their good fashion finds whether slightly used or brand new, moreover we get to talk to them.

I have always supported this event ever since BLOGGERS UNITED 1 and BLOGGERS UNITED 2 just because the fact that I love the blogging industry and will always support people from it and I love shopping.

I came here around 11am and the crowd is so crazy! The line is so long and a lot of bloggers have sold most of their items already!

Carlos Concepcion
I am blessed enough that I still get to find him here because he was already tweeting that he has sold a lot already and from the way I saw it, seemed like he had sold a lot when I got to his booth. BTW, he is one of the biggest factor why I came there... I am his fan!

David Guison
who is so cool for posing like this for me. lol!

Bjorn Bedayo
I was bargaining a lot from him... Thanks man! You're super cool!

Paul Chuapoco
Thanks for selling me items cheaper than how you planned them to be!

Vern Enciso
Always so pretty! So stunning!

Paul Jatayna

JP Singson
You all know that I always buy from him.


Karl Leuterio

Robbie Becroft

Cebu Bloggers!
so happy I get to see Eden again though we didn't get to talk much because of the crazy crowd!

It is so nice seeing Ava and his four years old son.

I just gotta have two pictures of her! It's not like she's always here in the Philippines right!?

The ever hardworking Arnie Villanueva.
She was really starving and tired when I saw her.

One of the major coordinators, Ana Gonzales.
Tops to you and Ms. Aisa Ipac! You guys made a very successful event again! It may be sort of hot and crowded but just shows how successful BU3 is.

Miko Carreon with Robbie Becroft

Kaye Awatin

Kelly Medina

Jacob Gayanelo and Megann Monday

Jonver David, Miko Carreon, Kelly Medina, Kaye Awatin and Gerd Perez.

Then with me.

So this is my Bloggers United 3 experience. I just get to spend not more than 2K and yet I get to leave with a lot of things.
I hope you guys had fun with Bloggers United as well!
Feel free to let me know about your experience!

Please support BU more by connecting with them through:


Photographed by: Vergil Lloyd Chua
Venue: Grandview, Makati


  1. Awww V!!! :) Super thank you ha for sitting with me at the reg area even for a while. It's always great to see you and catch up with you! Thank you for the photo!! :D


  2. Talagang wala akong photo dito?? AND WHAT'S THIS, MIKO??!!????? Suspenders ko yan!! :p

    Win Villa del Conte chocolates here:

  3. Thank you for supporting BU Vergil! :)

    1. I will always support you guys! Thanks for making BU posiible!
      Galing niyo talaga! :)

  4. awwww verge me love! sad that we didn't get to chat up much, sobrang sabaw ko lang nun from all the people and the jetlag... hahay! i will plan a proper week talaga in manila, please show me around then!