Sunday, June 3, 2012

Inhale, Exhale

White Printed Shirt (Oxygen), Brown Cardigan (Zara), Eagle Necklace (Topman), Brown Bracelet (Oxygen), Mustard Full-Length Pants (Zara), Brown Striped Socks (SM Accessories), White Boots (Topman), Time Keeper (Ipod Nano).

After I get to watch the recently concluded OXYGEN's PFW Show I just had to have some of those from the collection especially when their Trinoma Branch just re-opened and offered a 20% discount. I just went crazy, I just love the brand and the CLOTHES so much! Right now I am still waiting for some of their clothes to be in store since they are gradually releasing them. I am really anticipating for those clothes I eyed for during their show.

It is officially the rainy season and somehow I am loving it since I am no longer in school I wouldn't be bothered by the rain so much because I know I will spend most of my time inside our house feeling cozy and this may be the perfect time I can wear my almost-winter-clothes which I know a lot of you guys would really want to wear too! So drop me your URL's of your best rainy season appropriate clothes and share me your inspiration.

Special Thanks to Toff Tiozon for the pictures and the patience for helping me with my outfit shots.


Photographed by: Toff Tiozon
Venue: Skye, The Fort


  1. You look good as always, V!! :) Love these shots lalo na the ones in the pool area! ♥