Friday, September 21, 2012

SM Youth: University Campus Icon Search

What are you guys waiting for?! Grab this opportunity to make a change and help your universities in helping students! It's just one click away:

Please do drop me some comments just in case you have further questions so that I can immediately forward it to them.

Let the academic year 2012 - 2013 be a remarkable one!

Perxclub Mobile App

 WELCOME HOMEPAGE - where you will be asked to log in with your Facebook account. You can also opt to log in using Perxclub Offline account, but we strongly encourage you log in using your Facebook though.

LOGIN PAGE – where you need to click in “Login with Facebook” or enter your email and password

THE MAIN MENU – where you can view the features and functions of the app

ACTIVE CARDS – This shows you all your digital loyalty cards with Perxtamps

SPECIALS OF THE MONTH – A special feature where select merchants offer a special promo of the month for all Perxclub members. Internet connection is required to use this.

NEAR ME – This feature shows you Perxclub’s partner merchants outlets nearest you. The blue circle represents your current location while the red pins represent the merchants. You need internet connection to access this feature.

ALL MERCHANTS – Shows a list of all partner merchants. Each merchant also represents a digital loyalty card. A digital loyalty card becomes active when you’ve earned a Perxtamp. All active digital loyalty cards can be viewed on “Active Cards” menu.

A sample digital loyalty card.

The following screenshots will give you more ideas on how Perxclub works!

What are you waiting for? download Perxclub now!

Complex Lifestyle Store: Corruption Launch

Excited to see what's new? Well will not keep you from the excitement, catch this: 

Yep! The event was flowing with virgins! lol!
Oh and there were pizzas from Yellowcab as well.

Catch Gaviola giving a thumbs up for the new collection.
I'd give one too!
By the way, this is an event at the south so it was really cool and unexpected to see him here!

Angel and Catch.

Ms. Katrina, the owner of the store
and Dani. (please correct me guys immediately if I spelled your names wrong).

Jacob Benedicto and Raiza Poquiz.

My thanks to Angel for inviting me in this really cool event!
Sadly I needed to go immediately because it was my friend, Jay's birthday that day.

DJ Damnp spinning!
If I'm not mistaken the kid on the left is Ms. Sarah Meier's daughter.

To all swag guys out there who dig shoes you'd better check this collection out! 
and for more updates please follow them:


Venue: Alabang Town Center
Photos by: Vergil Lloyd Chua

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Not Like The Movies

Something I'm very fond of looking at... not the flower! But the residual dew after the rain or sometimes when it's early in the morning. 

Yes, this is my friend Jay Pineda and if you have been reading my blog ever since or following me on twitter you might have known that we got a lot of, not the romantic one of course. Oh if you want to know more about her please CLICK HERE

Yes from time to time I like my pictures closed eyes lol!

Eagle Necklace (Topman), Yellow Longsleeves Plaid Shirt (Giordano) 

LMAO Bracelet (Topman), Belt rings (Topman), Striped Belt (Giordano), Yellow Watch (Thrifted)

Blue Full Length Pants (Forever 21), Gray Socks (Giordano) and Brown Laced Blue Sneakers (Topman) 

Thank you to the guy with the orange shorts for posing too! lol!

No she's not sad, it's just her default setting. We have talked about that for so many times and how people would misunderstand that look haha!

This is the main reason of the title of this outfit/blog post. I know we were so inspired with Katy Perry that time especially how she tried to work her marriage. Learned a lot of things from there and I hope you guys have watched it too! BTW, the 3D glasses were not heart-shaped not like other countries'.

Anyway, I am not supposed to endorse Katy Perry nor the movie but my outfit and how I styled it with pieces from Giordano. I hope you guys like it!


Venue: Alabang Town Center
Photographed by: Jay Michelle Pineda and
Vergil Lloyd Chua

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