Saturday, February 21, 2015

We Never Go Out Of Style

Two weeks ago I went to Cebu for a weekend but not for leisure but because we have to attend to a convention, of course I took the opportunity to dress up lol! Cebu doesn't have that cool breeze compared with Baguio or Tagaytay but I am wearing a cardigan (which my bestfriend Jay gave to me) because it is cold inside the convention room, I just felt like I needed to clear that out haha!

Being part of the working class means you need to study more because a lot of things are getting to be more detailed and going to conventions like this are necessary. Remember that education is a continuous process that you should not take for granted kids because knowledge and skills are great investments that cannot be stolen from you.

Though of course after the convention we get to explore a bit, sayang naman kasi if we don't right? So we just threaded through the City since there's really not much time and we got to do the Sky Adventure, went to Magellan's Cross and to the Bay which Magellan died. No regrets though because I'll be coming back there by mid March and can't wait to see more of Cebu!

Shades (Topman), Black Pattern Shirt (H&M), Grey Knitted Cardigan (H&M), Black Leather Belt (SM Accessories), Teal Full Length Pants (H&M), Brown Leather Time Keeper (Fossil) Socks (Topman) and Black Leather Shoes (Bradford).

Photographed by: Alaiza Del V. Malate, RMT
Venue: Radisson Blu, Cebu City