Sunday, September 8, 2013


This is what I wore in the Previous Post, Designer Blooms Cafe.

In days like these you know you just gotta be prepared with your coats and umbrellas. It may be cloudy or rainy but it doesn't mean you can't pull something colorful and maybe happy.

College, Graduating, Board Exams, First job, everything came with such pressure and at the same time a blessing as they were all successful especially the job that I have right now since it's also in lieu with my being a Registered Medical Technologist. I am working in a hospital but i only get to work in a usual office hours, thus what I have in this very moment gives me Tranquility.

I don't have a lot to think of compared with my other colleagues and I intend to keep it that way. The only thing that I am striving for just like almost everyone is how to be stable independently STAT!

 Blue Coat (Giorgio Armani), Green Shirt (Giordano), Green Belt (SM Accessories), Blue Full Length Pants (Forever 21)

Chain Bracelet (Topman), Beads Bracelet (Aldo), Necklace (Cravemore)

and white-laced gray loafers (Wade Shoes).

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Designer Blooms Cafe

Designer Blooms is one of our local florist stores that we can really count on when it comes to the freshest quality flowers and just like their Cafe which has been running for about a year now is also promising you to give the freshest delicacies that will satisfy your taste buds.

Designer Blooms Cafe is also filled with such lovely floral and herb plants that are not just good for display but you may also purchase it there. It truly gives that Sunday Garden Brunch vibe doesn't it?

I love how modern and eclectic their interior is with the added elegance thanks to these mirrors.

It is very ideal to start every meal with a refreshing beverage first.

This is actually Megann Monday's Cafe Macchiato. I oredered their Latte instead and it's quite good, not to die for but it's good.

They also got alcoholic beverages though.

This is their Hearty Mushroom Soup, it's good for me. I enjoyed it, although Angel said it is quite salty but for my taste I loved it. 

The first spread is Tomatoes, I generally like tomatoes so my judgement would be biased. The second one is Bruschetta and Grilled Mushroom Salpicao, this one is perfect with the hint of spicy I think this one is my favorite among the three. The third one is Tinapa Mousse, It just has a dominant flavor of cheese with a subtle taste of fish, I'm amazed how it tastes so surprisingly appetizing since I don't like fish so much.

 I fully recommend you guys to order these when you go here.

Spinach-Artichoke Grilled Chicken Panini.
This one is a complete meal with the meat and vegetables in it and it can surely make you feel full.

DBC Jalapeno Burger.
See how fat the patty is!? Don't get threatened with the Jalapeno on its name, it is pretty tolerable. I am guy in search for the best burger in town (Just like the gang in HIMYM) and somehow I would consider this on my list.

Truffle Mac and Cheese.
Truffle, Cheese and Bacon this indulging tempting mistress will definitely lead you to sin sweetly.
I know ya'll try this!

Pepperoni Panizza.
I like it when I get to customize my food just like this one.
And here's a tutorial on how to prepare it:

 Put the basil leaves, rocket aragula, alfalfa sprouts and tomatoes.

Make sure you get them placed still because you will be rolling it and must prevent all the toppings to fall. 

Put some oil to it for more flavor.

Don't forget to smile and be happy when you're doing it, moods can alter flavors. :)

Roll it nicely... sorry for the veinful hands that I have lol! 

Then dig in! (I love this part).

 I wanna thank Angel Rodriguez ( for inviting me over and Megann Monday ( for helping me with the pictures. I will never forget my camera again... nor its battery haha!

Do not forget to try
+63 922 8202450
+63 2 512 0353
Cluster 2, Unit 11A, Molito Commercial Complex, Madrigal Ave. Ayala Alabang.


Venue: Designer Blooms Cafe, Molito Alabang
Photos by: Megann Monday