Sunday, June 3, 2012

Status Earthly Delights

Yep! Really happy kid here!

 Angel, Toff and Miko with Magnum.

Catch, Jacob and Angel.
Catch was here already when we arrived from Bloggers United.

With Joy.
Really great to meet her. :)
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Place looks extra fresh with these greens advocated by

If only I know that there will be water activities here I should have brought extra clothes and had MORE fun!

Mark Lim, Cheska and Toff Tiozon.

Rovie and Jacob

With Ms. Rosario Herrera.
It is always nice to see her, always so beautiful and inspiring.

Hellz Bellz designers!
So proud of them! Lots of celebrities are wearing their designs including Beyonce!

Really loving this Inhale, Exhale shirt I got from OXYGEN!

With Nikita.
Heard her usual "kabataan days" where people insult kids who has dark skin and super kinky hair. I believe we should change that and parents should do something about it too.
Yes, I am an advocate of anti-bullying.

Thysz Estrada.
I commend you for swimming that afternoon!

I get to spot Joseph again.

Jeff Bascon, all clad in Oxygen!
We certainly like the slippers! It is always nice to talk with him.

Kat Reyes pulling off those boots! She just came prepared with all the rain. T'was really great talking with her about Oxygen and all, she's just the sweetest!

Megann Monday! I just love her.

 I believe we loved this one!

Spotted the very beautiful Ms. Teresa Herrera!

Sarah Meier who was with her daughter that afternoon.

With Soleil Ignacio.
If you guys want a mini-me from a paper doll, she is the perfect person to do the job!

 The Producer of Philippine Fashion Week, Ms. Tina Herrera.
We talked about the issue on her regarding the matter of the "homophobic" and she cleared to us that it was a miscommunication. The model was not hired not because of gender issues but due to technicalities and protocols. 

Jonver David and Miko Carreon

I was totally "KILIG" when she kissed me. :)

Toff Tiozon with Dan Buenaventura of Status Magazine.
Great to finally meet Dan.

Mike Concepcion and Raymond Gutierrez

Alyanna Martniez.
She exclaimed that it was great that the party started 1pm so by 8 or 9pm we'd be on our beds not ruining our sleep cycle.
which I think was good! and with the venue, it was so beautiful during the day with all the whites and greens.

Matt and Kat!

Here ends my Photo Diary.
Special Thanks to Jacob Gayanelo for taking some of the awesome shots here.

It was a hell of party! Thank you so much to
Status Magazine! Will ALWAYS support you guys!
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Photos by: Vergil Lloyd Chua
Venue: Skye, The Fort


  1. HAD SUCH A GREAT TIME!!! :D Pa-steal ng shots when I write my post, please :)

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    1. Me too! Always do with you guys! :)
      Sige go lang! :)

  2. BESTEST PARY EVERRRRRRRRRRR!! Of course the more i fell in love with my fiance loook alike. :D haha or better, the future look of my son! HAHAHHA :D Love you baby boy!! Haha
    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

    1. Super best party!!! Hehe so flattering! Will I be seeing your future son soon? hmmmm... :)

  3. You've got a cute smile, no? :D

    I followed your blog already, and hoping you would follow back. :D

    Mutzii D.U.M

    1. oh this comment just completed my day! :)
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    3. Oh sure! I can sense that we'll go pretty well together!

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    1. Thanks for the follow man! It was really nice reading your thoughts.

  5. That's High St. What's the event? :)
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    1. yeah definitely! I'll follow you. This was Status Magazine's event with Keds. :)

  6. hey!!it was nice meeting you on BU3!! hope u rmmber me pa!:)) followed u na on twitter!:)

    1. Yes I do! ThirdWorldFashion! I'm visiting your blog every now and then. :)

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  8. looks like a great and fun event, you all look so happy, i wish we could hang out sometime! :)

    It’s a GIRL Thing

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