Saturday, October 29, 2011

Philippine Fashion Week 2011: OXYGEN

I came here early and yet tons of people are even earlier.

VIP Stamp

This really flattered me. :)

With Cholo Dela Vega

With Carlos Concepcion, it was nice seeing you again!

With Sarah Meier, she looks absolutely stunning!

Off to the Runways now...

I personally love the bag.

Claire Unabia, ANTM Cycle 10 contestant.

Jeff Bascon, Oxygen's Brand Manager.
Can you spot Ms. Marie Digby? This is her first time she walked the runways!

Walking towards the light of success. Congratulations Mr. Bascon!

Sarah Meier and Vicky Herrera.
I think the kid is Sarah's daughter if I am not mistaken.

With Ms. Rosario Herrera, Owner of Status Magazine and Grey One Social
Whom I found out that she rushed from another show just to catch Oxygen and yet she still looks so great. Hope to see you again Ms. Rosario! 

With David Guison and Lissa Kahayon, Ambassadors of FOREVER21

With Aisa Ipac. It was nice seeing her again, I am often fond of seeing her with her vibrant clothes.

With Thysz Estrada

Button-down Long Sleeves Shirt (OXYGEN), Black Drop Crotch Pants (F&H), Black Military Boots (Fred Perry), Time Keeper (Rolex).

This is the first show that I get to have my name on my seat. Thank you Connect Agency and Oxygen!
A lot of people came and it was really jam-packed! A lot of people really love this AMAZING Brand including myself of course!

This show is the most exciting one for me since I get to see the collection (see my recent post) as it was unveiled first. Seeing 'em worn by mannequins were good but seeing 'em worn by models is a lot better since in this manner you can see how the clothes would look as movements are being made and as you can see through the pictures I have provided, the clothes would just sway in directions that just adds up grace to the person wearing it and this is one of OXYGEN's goals in doing this season's line, the relaxed yet very chic and still structured designs.

I can't hardly wait to get those sleek designs! Especially since they are in collaboration with MARCELA GUTIERREZ!

I happen to attend the afterparty at Prive, I hope I can share pics from that night to you guys but cameras are prohibited. Thank you again to Connect Agency and Oxygen! 

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Venue: SMX Convention
Photographed by: Vergil Lloyd Chua