Sunday, August 3, 2014

BMS Roux 29

The Business Management Society of De La Salle University is once again inviting you for a threefold experience you will never forget as they present BMS Roux 29!

Fill your friday night with a drive-in movie experience, fair and partying because you know you deserve it!

To help you further on how to get there here's a map:

For more details about the event follow them on:
Instagram and Twitter: @BMSRoux29

Show me how much you want to witness this event by following them and of course me (@VergilChua both IG and Twitter) and I am very much pleased to give free tickets to the first 3!

See you all there!

Saturday, August 2, 2014


 A week ago I was invited by Centro Escolar University - Makati to give a seminar on the "Art of Blogging" as part of their 10th year anniversary series of celebration with other bloggers, Mr. Marcelo Santos III (who has more than 1 million followers on facebook), Mr. Paul Chuapoco and Ms. Dani Barretto.

With Mikyle Quizon, Dani Barretto, Marcelo Santos and Paul Chuapoco. Yes, medyo nakakapressure to be with these people grabe!

College was indeed the stage of my life where I was really molded into the person I am today, just thinking about all the struggles I had to go through like MedTech stuff then because I am a very active student I decided to be part of the University Student Council-Makati (USC-Makat), then came by the birth of Right on the Verge when I was in my third year.

Going back here as a guest speaker is really such an honor. You know how they say that "It's not always what the school can do to you, but what you can do to your school" well for me I think they should always come hand in hand. Choose a university that you think can mold you into the person you want to be not just academic-wise but also culture-wise so that the potential in you can be best formed and that when you finally graduated you can use all those things to best represent your school and that of course, yourself. I believe this is how my current relationship with my CEU-Makati is.

Ok, by the way, I just want to reiterate that even though I had a lot of things going through back in college I always had my academics prioritized. Academics first ok guys?

 Lots of selfies happened that day lol including this one with Paul and Mikyle.
 Then there is this one with Dani and the audience.

Then with my former Student Council Adviser, Dr. Maria Corazon L. Andoy.

Then this is before I get to go to the event with my childhood bestfriend, Jay Michelle Pineda (who is leaving tomorrow for Singapore for good huhu!) and my college bestfriend Loraine Samsin (who is probably making alaga to my godchild right this moment).

By the way college life is so hard and I am very blessed to have a friend like Raine to conquer it with, I don't know how I would graduate without her talaga kasi she is the one to always remind me about stuff sa classes namin like quizzes, assignments, projects and all kasi nga since I was very busy with extracurricular activities.

P.S.: I am very proud of myself kasi this is the day after I got my driver's license for the first time at talagang I drove us off sa BGC from Cavite to do outfit shots of me (I'll show you later just keep reading haha!) tapos EDSA ang route then finally Makati. I am so brave for a first timer.

Super thank you talaga sa lahat ng mga nagpa picture sa akin nakaka overwhelm kasi I thought talaga walang magpapa picture sa akin, eh compared naman talaga sa mga kasama ko diba? Tapos may mga students pa nagsasabi na I insipred them daw at idol daw ako, THAT made my day.

Then here are some of the super cool escolarians who took pictures of me with them (I hope ok lang na nilagay ko to dito sa blog post ko):

Sobrang thank you sa inyo! Nakakataba ng puso. :)
And if it's ok here are my outfit shots sana di kayo maumay hehe!

Time Keeper (Fossil)

 White and Gold Shades (You Are What You Wear "YAWYW"), Capsule Necklace (Aldo), Eye Candy Bracelets (Aldo)

Denim Long Sleeves Button Down (Elevate Apparel)

 Teal Full Length Pants (Springfield) and Beige Oxfords (Zara).

I hope you liked what I pulled off together!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Celebrate the World

This is one of the outfits I had when I went to Baguio recently and I guess I have went all "Lorax" on this but hey where else better can I wear something like this right? lol.

I suppose it is kind of retro-ish and stuff but only because I want those decades where people care about nature so much, being an environmentalist that I am, I truly advocate to preserve nature to the simplest acts that I do everyday and I really hope you guys do too. 

Aviator (Forever 21), Acrylic Necklace (Cravemmore)

Denim Vest (Topman), Long Sleeves Stiped Shirt (Forever 21).

Full Length Denim Pants (Energie)

Arm Candy (Aldo), Time Keeper (Ipod Nano, MAC)

Brown Sneakers (Topman).

Going back to the whole "saving the planet" thing, here is a link I found to give you some ideas how to help:

Let us all do our part to preserve nature and continue Celebrating the World.


Venue: Baguio City
Photographed by: Alaiza Malate

Saturday, February 22, 2014


Wow, I cannot believe this is the first blog entry i would do for this year... man I think I was too busy! Well let's face it, I got everything piled up with work and the things that I want to achieve plus I had been sick so yeah... it sucks!

Oh and if you noticed, my blog is back with the whole instead of ".com" because I forgot to pay my domain, oh well I hope I'll get it back soon.

I went to Baguio recently just to experience how "cold" it was (and of course to bond with my workmates) and so far its lowest temperature was 13 degrees Celsius which wasn't so bad at all.

It feels a lot nicer when the cold wind mixes with the warm sunlight.

 Red Shades (Aldo)

 Cross Necklace (Topman), Arm Candy (Aldo), Time Keeper (Fossil)

 White Full Length Pants (Uniqlo)

Red Long Sleeves Shirt (Giordano)

 Gray Shoes (Zara)

I have always loved travelling, there is just a lot of things to learn and experience out there and with it I get to appreciate life more, understand life more and to love life even more.

Hope you guys like my outfit. Hype it up on Lookbook:


Venue: Baguio City
Photographed by: Alaiza Malate