Sunday, September 2, 2012

Let Me Fall

Beige Bonnet (Korean brand), Eye Framer (Landmark), Black Scarf (Oxygen), Printed Shirt (Oxygen), Black Cross Necklace (Topman), Bracelets (thrifted), White Watch (Tomato), Full Length Pants (Energie) and Brown Boots (Forever 21).

This is the one I am wearing in these posts:

and that is because my friend Maureen asked me to dress up in my fall appropriate outfit for her project... yes I know I won't survive fall's chills if I actually wear this but you guys must understand that it was so hot that day. lol!

But somehow I hope there's fall in the Philippines also winter but please keep the temperature to 16 degrees Celsius... like the ones our AC's would have as the lowest... or it would be selfish since I only like it so we can wear winter clothes and not thinking about those who couldn't afford those thick clothing... hmmm... ok so I'm going to be contented with the kind of weather we have... I just hope it will not get hotter.

Feel free to comment!


Venue: Bonifacio High Street, The Fort
Photographed by: Angeline Rodriguez


  1. Hahaha I wish we had fall and winter here too! It would be really beautiful :) Great photos, V! :)

    ♥ Megann of Style Surgery

  2. Wow! Good thing you lasted in this outfit! With the hot weather lately, I end up sweaty in just a shirt and a pair of shorts. Kudos! :)