Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Globe x Blackberry Karaoke Night

An event that is perfect for my smartphone as I am using Blackberry and Globe as my network. With the lifestyle of a multitasking young individual like myself it is very conducive to be using Blackberry and since most of my circle is a globe subscriber I have decided to be one as well.

Robi Domingo, Bianca Roque, Teolo Reyes (Marketing Manager, Globe Telecom), Chino Lui Pio, Cameron Vernest (Country Director, Philippines, Research In Motion) at the BlackBerry and Globe Music and Exclusives Media Briefing

There were a lot of media people and bloggers at CenterStage Makati where the event was held for the new market of the New Curve. In this event, everyone is encouraged to participate in the karaoke part of the night where we were given numbers as we registered earlier, little do we know that the number corresponds to the groupings for the activity. I was part of group one although I went to them late since I wasn't done eating. lol!

The beauty of this event is the fact that everyone doesn't know each other that very well but seems like each group has shown unity, regardless of the fact of unfamilarity with each other still managed to present each songs with creativity (like with choreography!). We were singing songs from Madonna, Imago, Coldplay, Katy Perry and artists that Globe together with Blackberry is marketing. It was definitely a fun night!

I am supposed to blog more about Blackberry and Globe but then again who doesn't know about Blackberry's efficient programs like BBM and its twitter, facebook and a lot more that keeps us social and updated within the touch of our fingertips? Not to mention Globe's continual support to the fun lifestyle of our generation in terms of connections and music? By the way I know Globe has bigger plans with their Blackberry users so guys please keep in touch!

P.S. I got a pic with Bianca when I sang! A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!
and thanks to Megann Monday for inviting me here!


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  1. Great times at karaoke! Maybe best karaoke machine next time I'll drink enough to get up and sing. Glad you're feeling better!