Friday, September 7, 2012

GIORDANO: Denims and Oceans


True enough that denim both jackets and jeans has marked its way to history. From the casual worker to high profiled personalities I believe everyone owns a pair of denim jeans probably because it is one of the most versatile apparel that we can use from any season of any day.

Giordano is paving way to the classics of denim fabrics as they cater it in three styles: Chambray Shirts (1,799 to 1,899 php), Denim Jackets (2,399 to 2,499 php) and Essential Jeans: Audrey cut for the ladies and tapered for men (1,499 to 1,799 php).

Salute the Ocean

The marine life is in constant threat as the vast spreading of pollution continues and with our little help, if together we will collectively act to eradicate this predicament there is still hope to save it for our generation and for the generation of our future kids.

I can personally say that I am an environmentalist, doing my own part in the society by putting my own trash in proper disposals and by encouraging other people to become part of the same advocacy. I am happy too that a lot of municipals from our nation has put into law the campaign "walang plastikan" which puts effort on at least minimizing the use of plastic bags and the campaign for selective smoking areas as well.

And now as a fraction of my advocacy in saving our planet I am encouraging you guys to save some money and purchase Giordano shirts that costs 699php and 899php each only with the following designs and prints:
 All for one and one for all. Show your salutations alongside the creatures from the deep blue sea with the women's slim fit shirts.
 Eyes on saving the planet. Make an eye-popping statement with this walrus men's shirt.
March for the penguins. Put your hands together for these happy feet creatures on Giordano's women's ball shirts.

"For every Salute the Ocean tee sold, Giordano will donate part of its sales to the University of the Philippines Marine Biological Society to help fund the 2012 International Coastal Clean-up in Puerto Galera on September 15 and 16," said Beatrice Lim, Giordano business development officer.

There you have it! Please buy now!


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