Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dimensione: Magis Puppy

Dimensione is a luxury furniture shop that you will be able to see at top malls, if you are looking for something unique yet with quality you should check them out.

Right now, let me show you who are the people I'm with and I got to meet as well:

Angeline Rodriguez (
Jacky Moraleda (
Rovie Divinagracia (

Rovie and I with Hezron (

Ana Gonzales (

With Jacob.

Aisa Ipac (

Yep! We're sweet like that! Supposedly like a korean drama ad cuz of what I am wearing here lol!

April Garcia (

Arnie Villanueva (
with Ana.

Everybody with Sir John (

The Status Team with Ms. Rosario Herrera.

One of the country's pillars in styling, Ms. Bianca Valerio

The owner of Bench group of companies, Mr. Ben Chan.

Now I'll let you see some of the refreshments that Cibo prepared for the event.

I didn't know that you can actually fry squash flowers! Oh and they're awesome!

This is how you make chicharon into a gourmet.

Enough about food, as I have told you awhile ago... Dimensione is one of the leading furniture stores in the country providing us furniture and household stuff that guarantees quality and uniqueness, and therefore I share to you some of their pieces.

This event in particular is for the Magis Puppy that is created by one of the World's top Modern Designer for furniture, Mr. Eerio Aarnio from Finland.

Though you can only see 3 sizes here but the collection is available in 4 sizes, it is made with polyethylene but fret not because it is ensured that it is safe to be played/sat by your cute kids.

These are the eight (8) artists who have designed their own wonder puppies and yes, they are all filipinos.

One iconic product; eight artistic interpretations as to painting, illustration, design, sculpture, architecture, photography, graffiti and collage with different inspirations of urban life, pop culture, generation mutation, relentless change, mass consumerism, social transformation and a lot more.

Congratulations to all the artists!
And of course to Dimensione for the continual encouragement and development for the local designers and artists.

I hope more people will get to appreciate something at least with local touch to promote nationalism.

Meanwhile after the event we did this. lol!
My thanks to Angel for inviting me to this cool event!

Venue: Dimensione, Bonifacio High Street
Photos by: Vergil Lloyd Chua


  1. hi verge! you are so pogi <3 thanks for including me here on your blog!!

    The Bargain Doll

  2. Super nice to see you there V!! :) More pa soon! :D

    Arnie Villanueva

  3. While googling around, I saw me mentioned LOL.. please drop the Sir haha