Friday, September 21, 2012

Complex Lifestyle Store: Corruption Launch

Excited to see what's new? Well will not keep you from the excitement, catch this: 

Yep! The event was flowing with virgins! lol!
Oh and there were pizzas from Yellowcab as well.

Catch Gaviola giving a thumbs up for the new collection.
I'd give one too!
By the way, this is an event at the south so it was really cool and unexpected to see him here!

Angel and Catch.

Ms. Katrina, the owner of the store
and Dani. (please correct me guys immediately if I spelled your names wrong).

Jacob Benedicto and Raiza Poquiz.

My thanks to Angel for inviting me in this really cool event!
Sadly I needed to go immediately because it was my friend, Jay's birthday that day.

DJ Damnp spinning!
If I'm not mistaken the kid on the left is Ms. Sarah Meier's daughter.

To all swag guys out there who dig shoes you'd better check this collection out! 
and for more updates please follow them:


Venue: Alabang Town Center
Photos by: Vergil Lloyd Chua

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