Friday, September 21, 2012

Perxclub Mobile App

 WELCOME HOMEPAGE - where you will be asked to log in with your Facebook account. You can also opt to log in using Perxclub Offline account, but we strongly encourage you log in using your Facebook though.

LOGIN PAGE – where you need to click in “Login with Facebook” or enter your email and password

THE MAIN MENU – where you can view the features and functions of the app

ACTIVE CARDS – This shows you all your digital loyalty cards with Perxtamps

SPECIALS OF THE MONTH – A special feature where select merchants offer a special promo of the month for all Perxclub members. Internet connection is required to use this.

NEAR ME – This feature shows you Perxclub’s partner merchants outlets nearest you. The blue circle represents your current location while the red pins represent the merchants. You need internet connection to access this feature.

ALL MERCHANTS – Shows a list of all partner merchants. Each merchant also represents a digital loyalty card. A digital loyalty card becomes active when you’ve earned a Perxtamp. All active digital loyalty cards can be viewed on “Active Cards” menu.

A sample digital loyalty card.

The following screenshots will give you more ideas on how Perxclub works!

What are you waiting for? download Perxclub now!


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