Sunday, September 2, 2012

SURF Aromatherapy: Fabric Conditioner

In every household, I know laundry can often times make us stressed and tired with all the work done even if we now have washing machines. Luckily, Surf provides us Fabric Conditioners that has essential oils that not only makes our clothes smell good but our moods to be in good condition as well through aromatherapy.

Essential oils can help and improve our well-being as through absorption by the skin or through inhalation by the lungs as it gives physiologic effects on our body.

These fabric conditioners have the good blend of two of the world's most famous essential oils:
Tuberose oil = known for easing the mind and providing relief from stress and tension.
Patchouli oil = uplifts the mood and helps create a stress-free atmosphere. Therefore when combined, these two can give the best calming effect for your senses.

Oh and just so you know, over 1,000,000 flowers were put to be extracted just to create these oils so just imagine how luxurious the scent is, trust me I have tried 'em.

My thanks to Fuentes Manila for inviting me to Surf's event at Aracama with the pleasure of having good massages, yes you read it right! Massages! 

Catch Gaviola (
Angeline Rodriguez (
Jacky Moraleda (
and Jaynee Marcelino.

Lem Lorca, writer and director.

 I loved the guyabano shake.

Here goes the MASSAGES from:
Spa Wherever You Are
Asian Massage and
Mont Albo

The massages are perfect way to introduce to us Surf's campaign, "Me O'clock" which is mostly for the mommies out there. The campaign aims to encourage mothers to have some break that they truly deserve especially since a lot of filipino moms are not the old-school housewife anymore because nowadays they are often the breadwinner as well, having our moms to relax is like giving us a favor as well (aside from the fact that they will not yell us more lol) for when they are well rested and rejuvenated they will have more energy to love us more.

To give moms a special treat every now and then, Surf Aromatherapy Conditioner Spa Time Bus will go around the metro and will be giving free massages, pedicure and manicure!

Surf will also be putting up some tips and suggestions on how they can spend quality time with their loved ones, learning new relaxing activities on their facebook page that will also serve as a platform for moms to interact with each other and discuss important matters of being a mom through sharing of experiences.
So to every mom out their like their facebook page now!

Moms can also join their photo contest where they can get a chance to win a vacation getaway for two to Boracay, Palawan or Cebu inclusive of airfare, hotel accommodations and full board meals! For more details please see their facebook page NOW!


Oh yeah, everyone won from their giveaways except for me :(
haha! oh well maybe next time!

It was a very fun and relaxing event and if you have grabbed yesterday's Philippine Star, you'll find me there laying and having my foot spa lol!

By the way, my dad is the one doing the laundry in our household and he has been putting fabric conditioner now and he has been in a very good mood lately and before he would always complain insomniac but now he has been having good sleep so here's my testimony on aromatherapy.


Venue: Aracama, The Fort Strip
Photos by: Vergil Lloyd Chua 

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