Friday, April 19, 2013

Unconventional Summer

Philippines is a tropical country, it's hot even in December. Good thing there is this place, Baguio who is known as the summer capital of the country, it is coined as that because Filipinos would be here as their heat escape from the scorching heat of the summer.

To tell you honestly, it was really not that cold there, although it was at least cold enough for me to wear these, I love winter clothes! I guess Baguio has changed so much since I was young, I wouldn't know though because this is my first time I have been there.

These were taken at SM Baguio, I just thought it would be very predictable to have my outfit shot taken in the woods so for a change... here you go! lol!

To know more about my visit in Baguio, click this link:

Bonnet (Oxygen), Aztec Printed Shirt (Forever 21), Red Striped Cardigan (Forever 21), Black Mittens (Forever 21), White Time Keeper (Tomato), Black Scarf (Thirfted) Full-length Denim Pants (Energie) and Brown Leather Boots (Forever 21).

Tell me what you think about this outfit.
Maybe suggest me places to visit? (inside or outside the Philippines).

The Black Scarf came from this "emergency kit" box that I got from Axe... and I shall not elaborate what that box is for. lol!

Photographed by: Joy Avilla
Venue: SM Baguio, Baguio City

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