Saturday, April 27, 2013

Vaseline Men: Be The Man

Yes, I have blogged about another men grooming product before but as a blogger and also a consumer, it is best that we give ourselves options.

Grooming is an everyday routine where it can presumptively conclude on how our day will be for it is a big factor of the kind of confidence we will be having hence, we should be very cautious on choosing the right products.

I admit that I use different brands for every regimen, and as for this brand I can say that I am currently using their facial wash and glad to say that it's so far so good although I seem to have a skin reaction with their lotion and thus, I use the competitors' instead.

With the very pretty, Ms. Nikki Viola who opted to host the event. 

It is very important for men to use products that are specifically designed for men because our skin is said to be oilier and our pores to be larger in that event, we really need to follow the needs to skincare. 

To add more to your pogi points, Vaseline Men is holding up this contest that I'm sure will truly entice you! So join now!

Thank you so much for this really cute model of Toyota 86, at least I get to hold a mini-me of it. lol!

Do not forget to visit them:

Thank you to Movent for the very fun event!


Photos by: Vergil Lloyd Chua
Venue: Bowler Restaurant, Makati

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