Monday, April 15, 2013

Baguio 2013

I know most of Filipinos have already gone to Baguio but this is my first time and so I wanted to blog about it, I wanted to share my experiences from it and hopefully help promote our tourism, lol. Also, hope you enjoy the pictures I have taken.

This is very timely for me as it served as my gift to myself for passing the recent Medical Technology Board Exam and for getting a job in one of the best hospitals in the country.

These are my friends who I came along with, Hazel, Erin, Joy and Jenyvee (from left to right).
Erin is my friend who has a cupcake business called

After we lodged our stuff in the transient house we have rented along Marco's Highway (Valerio's Place), we headed to the Burnham Park where you can do a lot of things including bicycling.

I have noticed that almost every street of Baguio, people are selling these.

We get to ride a boat and have it maneuvered by only us, balancing ourselves and steering up the paddles. Guess who manipulated the paddles, yup! Not me but those two girls at the back, Hazel and Erin, I must say it was not easy to do it but they managed to handle it very well. I am indeed a very proud friend!

Just in case you are wondering how much did it cost, it's just 100php per boat. It's very cheap since you may ride it for as much time as you want.

Baguio has a lot of scenic views especially if you adore nature, I just love how much they value plants and trees. There is actually a Botanical Garden but we didn't get to go there due to lack of time. Maybe I'd check it out for you guys when I get back there.

Next we went to is the Camp John Hay.

We decided to eat here since we are by far, hungry already lol!

Seeing this picture makes me feel like more of a fatty than I really am. But no regrets! I love it!

Next stop was the Tree Top Adventure that has a lot of activities in stored for you. What we chose to do was...

....THIS. Silver Surfer, it was my first time to do a zip line oriented activity.

I just have to be braver in this moment because the kid I'm with in this ride is only 16 years old.
At first my eyes were closed but I get to overcome it and enjoy it fully.

Reminds me a lot of Twilight.

I am very lazy to give you a background about The Mansion lol! Basically it's the house of the President here in Baguio.

We went to the Minesview Park and found this really adorable dog!

This is what the natives here in Baguio used to wear a very long time ago and you may try it for 10php.
Kinda looks like I'm wearing OS Accessories right? lol.

The following day, we started it with a prayer by going to the groto. We get to conquer 300 steps just to be at the top. T'was ok though.

I just had to have a picture from there, I'm proud I've climbed it. Here, you may offer flowers.

And at the side, you may get a candle for 3php and offer your prayer. I just had to give my thanks to the Lord for all the blessings He has bestowed me.

Then we went to the Strawberry farm. Strawberry is my favorite fruit, I think it's very sexy with its form and not to mention the taste as it has the perfect mix of sour and sweet.

I'm super craving for a strawberry dessert whenever I get to see 'em.

This is the last place we get to visit. My friend who is an avid fan of Westlife told me that they have a music video that was shot here.

That concludes our journey. All in all I have spent less than 3,000php including the transportation from Manila to Baguio and vice versa and all the taxi-ing we have done, food budget, entrance fees and activities and of course my pasalubong to my family.

In this kind of climate we are having in Manila, it is best to take a trip to Baguio for a heat escape.

Hope you had fun reading this post! Until my next travel!

Photos by: Vergil Lloyd Chua
Venue: Baguio, Philippines

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