Saturday, April 27, 2013 Ibenta Mo Na

I was invited last week at Bizu, Greenbelt 2 for the Media/Blogger Event of and as an aspiring entrepreneur I automatically said yes.

Let me give you a few background about Sulit. It was almost seven years ago when Mr. David founded the company with a capital of 2,400php together with his girlfriend (now wife) Ms. Arianne. They built a free platform where Filipinos can post up a wide array of classified ads, from clothing and accessories, to tools and gadgets, furniture and appliances, to different services and more.

From its humble beginnings, has evolved into a corporation called Netrepreneur Connections Enterprises, Inc. which now has nearing a hundred employees reporting to a plush two-floor office space in Ortigas.

Now, it has been noted that they are the top buy and sell website company in the Philippines with 2 million registered users and over millions of pageviews each day. Therefore, if you decided to sell something there, there will be a big chance that somebody will find it soon and purchase it immediately.

One of the habits of Filipinos is being sentimental and thus, making it a big predicament whenever we sort our things. Most of us linger onto different materials and ending it up sitting on our shelves and garages leaving so much space in our houses and disregarding the fact that it can still be of use. encourages us to sell those that we don't need and is still usable, after all, One man's trash is another man's treasure.

Although my practice has been to put my stuff that are still beneficial to others into charity but nowadays, the idea of Sulit is more practical as it promotes the value of entrepreneurship therefore making you earn more money and the concept of convenient online shopping which has been a trend since 2010.


As you all have known, I am very much fond of charities. Through the partnership with World Vision, Everyone is encouraged to donate their preloved items to to have them sold in the website. The total amount of sales will be matched and then donated for World Vision's Humanitarian Efforts.

Here I give you one of their TVC's.
To keep updated with them visit:

Start sorting your things and start selling!

My thanks to Fuentes Manila for inviting me!


Photos by: Vergil Lloyd Chua
Venue: Bizu, Greenbelt 2


  1. Ackk this post made me crave for Bizu especially their macarons!! :'( Haha great post, V! Kudos to Sulit for collaborating with World Vision! ♥

  2. Nice post, Verge! :) Thanks ha. See you soon!