Friday, April 26, 2013

Bulgogi Brothers

So after a hot walk under the sun at the TOMS' event we headed to Bulgogi Brothers for a very delicious Korean fix courtesy of Angel Rodriguez.

a very homey interior that really puts you up to the oriental appetite. 

This is where they keep their password, see that yellow sticker? 

To start up we had sweet potatoes and corn cobs.

Kimchi. This made me feel like I was back in Korea again.

This is kangkong, sauteed enough so it's still sort of crispy.

 We all liked that first sauce on the left. I'm so sorry, I forgot what these are called.

Mussels! I love seafood!

Bibimbap, your korean experience will not be complete until you get to taste this one! 

Tofu and Togue. So simple yet it still hits the spot!

Raspberry and Calamansi. Both very refreshing.

and to top it all off the grilling of Hamburgers and Yakiniku!

I know this may not be super sufficient but at least I get to let you guys see the food that we ate which was said to be enough to 2-3 persons but no, it was good for 4-5 persons. Their prices is just right with meals from 400-1000php since they are all for sharing.

Taste wise, it is by far close to authentic korean that will satisfy the Filipino palate.

In terms of the service, it's actually good with our waitress, Piella. Remember her name and ask the management to have her serve you, she will definitely entertain you with her bubbly personality.

My thanks to Angel for inviting me here.

Photos by: Vergil Lloyd Chua
Venue: Bulgogi Brothers, New Wing, Alabang Town Center

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  1. Piella for the win!! :P She was on the video too. Super fun day with you guys :)

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