Friday, August 31, 2012

SM: The Stylish Youth

Few days ago, I was asked by my friend to cover items from SM Makati and immediately I said yes because these past few years, I believe SM has developed their way of styling their merchandises as one of the country's top retailers.

As a student (not so long ago), I know that our parents would only give us some few spare money for our allowances and so we really strive hard to save it for us to be able to buy the things we want including items for our outfit. Good thing that SM caters us good fashion finds that compensates with the budget that certifies student-friendly.

Let me share to you some of the good stuff from Markus, Tee Culture, Tank Jeans and Mens Club:

Jeans = 800.00 php and up

Coats for less than 2,000.00 php.

 Every guy should have their long sleeves button down for that laid back style look.

From time to time it has been raining here in the Philippines and as the old saying goes "Health is Wealth", we should take care of our health in this kind of weather by coating ourselves to prevent hypothermia that lowers our immune system.

Stylish and Functional in a price of less than 2,000.00 php.

Yep! They got stylish boxers too!

I personally like the shirt on the right. :)

....I just can't remember it all. LOL! If you know me, you'll definitely say this shirt is for me haha!

It's kind of a daddy pants but I like it, it's comfortable.

Yep! I was with Angel and made her fit into some of the clothes though they're for men.

 Shirt and Jacket both from SM (men).
See girls? You can style yourselves with men clothes to pump up your style.

 I get to fit into them as well of course!

 Hope you guys would visit your nearest SM Dept.

It has been fun with these cool kids!

Venue: SM Makati
Photos by: Vergil Lloyd Chua

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