Monday, July 2, 2012

The Rexona Confidence Project

Let's face it, having a good face is not enough to stand out from the crowd, if there is something that a girl has that makes men and other ladies get captivated upon that would be her great amount of confidence that enlightens, allures and inspires many.

Luckily the winners of the Rexona Confidence Project are both very beautiful and confident which are Iya Acuna, 21, and Anya Ong, 22. Both were cheerleaders from De La Salle University where they met and now that they have graduated still their genuine friendship continues.

These two girls will be bringing home 500,000php as they will have a 30-day challenges that will further employ what true confidence is, and to spice things up Jasmine Curtis - Smith, Maxene Magalona and Saab Magalona will be joining them in special challenges.

The Rexona Confidence Project Campaign has the goal to inspire young women to be more confident enabling them to further pursue and embrace life's exciting possibilities and make the most out of every day as it brings unexpected risks and obstacles encouraging them to step out of their comfort zones.

More pictures from the event: 

 Ms. Anne Remulla of Rexona Philippines.

 Iya Acuna and Anya Ong.

Maxene Magalona and Saab Magalona.
I was seated on the same table with them and I was just stunned.

The very gorgeous DJ's of 89.9.

My favorite dessert from Felix Restaurant.
T'was really delicious, you should try their ribs too!

We were given a chance to let them do a challenge and a chance to win an ipad too!

and the challenge was...

Sing a Nicki Minaj song!
That wasn't my challenge so yeah, I didn't win that ipad :(

They did a very good job doing the requested challenge and as far as i can see, they enjoyed it as well!

Congratulations to them (and also to the winner of that cool ipad lol)!

Let me share to you their audition piece:

There you go! Now don't forget to like
and follow their quest on

I would like to extend my gratitude to Fuentes Manila for inviting me in this event.
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Photos by: Vergil Lloyd Chua
Venue: Felix Restaurant, Greenbelt

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