Monday, July 2, 2012

Today It Will Reign

 Hoodie Jacket (Thrifted), Sequenced Gray Shirt (Takeshy Kurosawa), Full Length Gray Pants (MEMO), Black Military Boots (Fred Perry), Studded Bracelet (Chemistry), Time Keeper (Rolex).

Get ready with your jackets, umbrella and boots! The rainy season has finally arrived. Always get protected nowadays since it is raining vastly and as we all know, a lot of people are now getting sick and this is because if we get wet we'll eventually get cold leading our immune system to lower down, so keep yourselves warm and take vitamin C.

I really like the shirt that I am wearing here, by the way I bought it during the Bloggers United 3 from JP Singson.

Well, whatever season it may be, you can always bring the best out of you, express yourselves and be creative and fashionable.
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Photos from: George Barcarse
Venue: Centro Escolar University - Makati


  1. Love your jacket and boots!!! :)
    And your blog layout as well haha :)