Monday, July 2, 2012

Status: Fits Like a Tea

The new kickass issue of Status Magazine!

Favorite Milk Tea ever... Moonleaf!

Krissy Cruz and Ralene Cabrera.

Aisa Ipac and with Rosario Herrera.

Thysz Estrada.

Miko and Maureen. :)

With Jonver David who I thank that day so much for taking pictures from my cam with people. :)

I love these portraits from Perou. :)

Super cool that we're all on plaids!

The very fun Status Magazine Team!

I love this Adam Levine bookmark! 

 Trip to jerusalem! Kicking it like a kid!
Bloggers vs. Status Team

The final two! Go Bloggers!

Congratulations to Krissy!

It was definitely a very wonderful chill time! Thank you so much Status Magazine for doing this event for bloggers! I love your headquarters, it is very homey, relaxed and fun! Conducive to get those creative juices coming.

Thank you for this photo! I love it!
But I love the new issue more!

Maroon 5 is coming so soon! Now you guys out there show some support and get this issue and if you're going to their concert, let 'em see it and have it autographed by them! I think that will be so COOOOOL!

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Photos by: Vergil Lloyd Chua
Venue: Status Magazine, HQ

Here's a clip that we did just for fun created by Maureen Manuel:


  1. aaaw my baby boy looks cute in his preppy look!! :D

    RK Manila Shoes , OASAP and FIRMOO giveaways on The Bargain Doll! Hope you can join! :)

    1. Thanks mommy! kanino pa ba ako magmamana diba? :)