Monday, July 30, 2012

The Forque

The Forque is a Comfort European Restaurant situated at Pasay Road behind Renaissance Hotel near Greenbelt 3, Makati City.

If you think paintings here were done by professional painters well guess again because they were made by the owners' nephews around 10-12 years old!

I seriously have a thing on clocks. It is very lovely right?

My food buddies that day:

Nope it's not a noodle soup... It's baby eel! Trust me it tastes delicious!

This is how you eat the eels.

 For someone who isn't that alcoholic, I must say these are good! It tastes so good! oh and they have this Mojito Unlimited for only 700+php.

Foie Gras Salad, this is the first time I get to eat foie gras and it's so good especially mixed with these fresh veggies!

 Cesar Salad and yet it doesn't taste like the ordinary cesar salad, you must try it for you to understand.

 When others would settle for a light cream on their onion soup, The Forque likes it with mozzarella cheese! 

Paella Nigra which was one of the highlights of my dining experience here. I loved it so much! I am a seafood lover.

Lamb chops with Potato Gratin will definitely make you full with the mint jelly on the side that toatlly complements everything.

 I just love a steak that is cooked right -medium rare, with veggies on the side that is just steamed right.

My favorite dessert!!! The Forque Special!
This was just accidentally made by the owner herself and it's so good! I appreciate accidents now lol!
Eat here and get this one as dessert ok guys? Don't forget,
The Forque Special!

With Bea Munoz, the owner of The Forque.

Well it was trully a dining experience I will never forget! Authentic and delicious. If you think it's very pricey here well you're wrong! Especially since they serve the food with the quality you want plus they serve really big!
Small meals - 250-400php
Big meals - 500-800php

and of course my favorite dessert, The Forque Special costs 180php.

Dine here with your friends because you might not finish 'em all by yourself since the servings are really big.


Photographed by: Vergil Lloyd Chua
Venue: The Forque, Pasay Road, Makati City


  1. Are you serious about the paintings?? I never knew that!! :D

    1. Yeah! grabe right!? Amazing how kids these days can pull something like that.

  2. Replies
    1. Try them ok! When you do, don't forget that you first heard it here! :)

  3. nagutom ako verge! seriously sama mo ko next time when im super okay na :) thanks for the visit. i appreciate it. i love you verge lamoyan :) pogi pogi ng baby ko :)

    Rovie, The Bargain Doll