Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hedgren A/W 2012

 Hedgren began in Belgium in 1993, primarily the strength of the brand reflects on their solid European, Asian and American client base.

Hedgren concentrates on funcionality with their smart pockets for each of their carriers and the elegance that minimalism brings which makes it a perfect for the urban professionals.

Designs are actually good and I have heard of hedgren before and I know it is one of the brands in bags that you can count on.
I recommend this for everyone especially to the ladies who are very in dept with traveling since most of their designs are quite feminine.

Tracy Ayson and Sarah Tirona.

Kelly Medina, Arnie Villanueva, Aisa Ipac, me, Ana Gonzales and Paul Chuapoco.

For more of their designs please take a look at these:

For more details please check them out at:

Website: www.hedgren.com

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Venue: The Travel Club, Shangri-La Edsa


  1. I like Hedgren's designs plus quality! ♥ Super great seeing you there, V! More pa soon! :) :)

    Arnie Villanueva