Saturday, April 21, 2012

Parting From Party

Black Bow tie (SM Accessories), Black Blazer (Insight bought at Center of Gravity, Forbes Town Center), Blue Printed Button-down Shirt (Zara), Denims (Energie jeans), Black Leather Shoes (Bradford), Time keeper (Rolex) and Rings (Bring Rings).

Those shoes of mine is my secret why I am so tall lately, I wore them during our Baccalaureate Mass, Sampaguita Interlude (CEU Tradition), Graduation and Smart Nokia Lumia Afterparty, they're 3 inches so basically I am almost 6 feet when I wear 'em.

I don't see this as fooling other people, it's just a part of confidence boost (not that I need more lol). I say if it makes us look ourselves better then might as well go for it as long as we're not hurting anyone nor violating any rule... This goes the same as my view for plastic surgery, it would be awesome if my readers will back me up on this! lol!

anyways tell me what you think about my look!
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Special thanks to: Jay Michelle Pineda for the editing!