Saturday, April 28, 2012

MOONLEAF: Makati Opening

It's that time of the year again when the sun looks down on us with its ever-blazing glory - Summer is undeniably here.

In this sweltering heat, when one can only think of the beach, or the mountains, or perhaps anywhere cooler than the scorching 35 degree-weather; we invite you to Moonleaf Tea Shop to join us for a summer staycation as we take on this heat with the coolest milk tea in town.

Meet your friends and catch up. Enjoy your favorite book by yourself. Bring your Monopoly card deck and play for hours. The heat will not matter anymore because there are plenty of things to do. And we want you to do it with us! We promise you that this staycation will be unforgettable! We are inviting everyone to a Summer Xie Xie Day, happening some time this May. Join us as we celebrate summer over barbeque, music, and what else, our favorite tea drinks! 

So if you are in staycation like we all are, make a run to the nearest Moonleaf branch, and we'll be right there waiting for you!

The following pictures features the opening of the Makati Branch at Columns.

 with one of my blogger friends, Angeline Rodriguez.

Joseph, who is responsible for the Moonleaf BTS.
Congratulations man for a great job!

With Thysz Estrada.

Manager of the Makati Branch, Sir JC.

The Owner, Mr. Adrian Adriano.

Patty Mendoza of Status Magazine.

I went with my HS Best Buddy, Jay Pineda.

For us people from the south, this Branch is the nearest though i am from Cavite and if calculated it is still far but Moonleaf is totally worth it!

Good news for all those of the working class and students from Makati. They now have something that will keep them awake and invigorated through there office hours and studying without inducing too much caffeine.

This branch though is not that furnished yet but the way I see it, it's going to be a place to hang out especially since I heard there will be a loft that will surely bring more comfort to the loyal consumers.

So feel free to drop by this branch!

For more information please connect with MOONLEAF through:
and their


  1. Boo! I demand a re-match! Haha.

  2. Wow Moonleaf! I've been a fan of milk teas for 2 years now!:))

    Thanks for the comment you left on my blog!
    Keep in touch! <3


    1. You should try Moonleaf! I recommend you try their Wintermelon :)
      Hope to see you in person soon!