Saturday, April 28, 2012

MEMO: Urban Escape

Step out of stifling work clothes and look cool and fresh this summer donning the latest from MEMO—designed to make you feel relaxed and comfortable despite the sweltering summer heat.

MEMO kicks off the season with a collection of work wear perfect for a summer in the metro or for out-of-town work-related getaways. This season, upgrade your corporate closet with cool and fresh work clothes and prepare for an URBAN ESCAPE.

MEMO’s summer collection is all about relaxed and comfortable pieces. Hardworking urbanites stuck in the cold walls of the office then stepping outside in the blasting heat of summer can still maintain their fresh and sophisticated air in typical MEMO fashion.

The classic check and stripes collared shirts and polos in cool colors are must haves for men for this summer. Partnered with a light jacket, this casual look can instantly turn into a power outfit. Ladies, on the other hand, will enjoy classic, minimalist designs in contrasting vibrant summer colors.

The more adventurous can revel in animal-print tops and clothes aptly designed with pockets and zippers for a utilitarian appeal, an interesting twist to the upscale business casual look.

Spice up your wardrobe with fresh and cool pieces from MEMO’s summer collection. Whether you are spending summer in or out of the city, MEMO can make that URBAN ESCAPE happen for you.

Now here are bloggers that has surely spiced up there summer with MEMO.

Then here's mine.

Aviators (Ray ban), Purple Button-down Shirt (Versace), Striped Cardigan (MEMO), Gray Full Length Pants (MEMO), Reversible Belt (SM Accessories), Purple Laced Gray Shoes (Zara) and Time Keeper (Swatch)

"A smart kid always know how to dress smart". Power dressing is not only for those of the working class but it is something that should be well absorbed by everybody as soon as they become teenagers.

To dress up classy yet stylish is really an upscale for everyone because this can and will give you a positive impression on people and this means you are able and ready to represent.

Now, dressing up with formal wear may often times sacrifice the sense of age and comfort but luckily with MEMO it brings out that refreshing look of minimalist neutrals that even with their basics will hype you up on a younger mood and shall not bear discomfort as their fabric can go through the coolness of your workplace to the warmth of the outside world and moreover, the fit of their clothes will surely flatter your body type also without discomfort.

For more details on their product you can be updated through their:
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Special thanks to Jay Michelle Piñeda for my outfit shots.
Venue: Salcedo Park, Makati City


  1. Nice look Vergil! ^__^
    I like the cardigan and the pants! :))

    1. Thank you Michael! Hope you liked MEMO's page and followed them on twitter! :)

  2. I LOVE IT! And I love Memo. Do you have contacts for them ba, in case I need pullouts? And do you wanna be my assistant stylist for a certain project? ...remind me to tell you about it on Friday. See you then! :)

    1. Thanks Angel! Oh thanks for letting me go awhile ago for Marta's Cakes. I'd be happy to style Jacob. :)

  3. cardigan on summer! acckk! but you pulled it very well! :) I love Memo!!

    1. I know! haha! But it feels comfortable still. Hope you like 'em on FB and follow on Twitter! Thanks Hazel!