Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tropical Hit

Coconut Printed Shirt (A.P.C.), White Shorts (Zara), Black Pattered Scarf (Oxygen), Black Flip-flops (Havaianas)

Fedora Hat (SM Accessories), Aviators (Forever 21), Time Keeper (Rolex)

Native Bracelets (Thrifted at Puerto Galera, Mindoro)

Days like this it is inevitable to complain about the summer heat because who knew temperature here in the Philippines would reach 37 degrees Celsius right?! Anyways, so instead of complaining about the heat (which by the way will not make it less humid or cool) might as well embrace it and go to places suitable for this kind of weather and of course get your game face on and wear something summer appropriate.

And oh how I waited for so long just to wear this shirt that I am wearing here which I bought from my good friend JP Singson from the Bloggers United and then styled it with appropriate accessories such as the Fedora, Sunnies and these awesome bracelets that are sold in this island.

Philippines is such a great country even its weather, it's just that sometimes we have to change our perspective on things so that we can enjoy what we are experiencing. Always remember that, we should make the most out of the things that God has provided.

There you have it, Now enjoy the rest of our summer guys! Also I'd appreciate it if you will Hype my look on Lookbook. :)

Venue: Puerto Galera, Mindoro


  1. Great look, V! :) Really love your style, and I agree, complaining about the heat in Manila wouldn't actually make the weather less humid. Lol! :p See youuu!


    1. Thank you Arnie! Hope we can have a get together soon!