Saturday, April 21, 2012

Smart Nokia Lumia: AfterParty

Went with Jay Michelle Pineda and Paul Lawrence Castro.

The event was hosted by Rhian Ramos and KC Montero.

She's my very lovely date for the night. Totally had fun with her.
BTW, she is my childhood friend so no malice. lol.

Let the party COMMENCE! (talkin' like a new grad... oh yeah!)

I just came from a 24 hours duty this day and I had to go back from QC to Cavite to of course bathe and change my clothes then I had to fetch Jay from her house then head to Republiq immediately to meet Lawrence and the rest of the gang. If you know me (the narcoleptic me), you may not believe that I had myself awake for 48 hours! (wooot!), yes quite an achievement for me lol.

T'was a great party jumpacked with great crowd! awesome way to celebrate the ending of my internship. I am very happy to be back on the scene! I am so sorry for not blogging that much lately... it is because I was so busy with requirements and internship.

Anyways, just so you guys would have an idea... The new Nokia Lumia is a Windows Phone OS-Powered Smartphone that will let you be into-the-know in a much conducive way as like using a usual laptop and to top it all off, we all know that Nokia has a very good camera that captures great pictures and now since it is a smartphone, you can readily share it anytime and anywhere!
Well so far, I haven't heard a bad review about it.
So what do you think about it? Feel free to comment it here!

Thank you to Miko Carreon for letting me borrow some of the pictures!


Photos by: Vergil Lloyd Chua
Editing by: Jay Michelle Pineda
Venue: Republiq, Resorts World Manila

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