Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Storm Can't Stop... Us.

Scarf (Yoke by Kzar Eusebio), Basic Top (Calvin Klein), White Cardigan (Chemistry), Faded Denims (Mint), Military Boots (Fred Perry), Studded Bracelet (Chemistry) and Time Keeper (Rolex).

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I am also featuring my friend, Kzar Eusebio's Yoke Shirt Accessories (The Scarf that I am wearing). They got all kinds of different styles and colors.

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Venue: Greenbelt
Photographed by: Lawryeng Castro


  1. I really love your scarf V, it's the first thing that caught my eye! it was nice seeing you that day!


  2. wow you look so posh! i love the effect of that scarf, it really brought something on your outfit.
    Merry Christmas Vergil ;)