Friday, December 2, 2011

MedTech Pre-Christmas Party

Over-all and co over-all activity chair:
Krizzle Pabelonio and Chesca Reyes

The Coordinator of MedTech Program in CEU-Makati
Mrs. Maria Carmen S. Dizon

Awesome gift from her "soon" in-laws!

Ma'am Red and Ma'am Dizon.

Food courtesy of MC'D's!

Kevin on Kevin. nice!

I think he might've sweat a lot because of the hotdog joke. lol!

Thanks man for serenading my cousin's daughter!

Really cute bow!

Congratz to them for winning the Calamansi Relay Game!

Yeah it's a Jargon to those non-medical field people.

The following pictures are taken by
Loraine Samsin.
Thanks again friend!

Red Polo, Gold Tie, Black Brown Slacks and Brown Shoes all from SM Dept., Brown Sweater (GAP) and Time Keeper (Rolex).

This is how we celebrated the yuletide season so far, now I'm very much eager to know how you guys would do your Christmas Parties. :)


Photographed by: Vergil Lloyd Chua
Loraine Samsin
Venue: SAC, Gil Puyat CEU-Makati

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