Saturday, December 3, 2011


I get to win Giordano Body Butter. Thanks guys!

A gift to one of my friends at school.
Thank you Lissa Kahayon!

Raine With Kryz Uy.

Came all the way from Cebu, Kryz Uy.

Super tall, Patricia Prieto.

With one of my Fashion Blogger Friends, Arnie Villanueva.

Thank you Multiply for the free 500 pesos worth GC's!
They got super awesome finds there guys! I personally encourage you to shop there!

Flaunting the Fossil watch given to her by her "soon" in-laws.
Congratz Raine!

Raine with David G.

The Blondes. Starting to have this urge to dye my hair.

She just went from her night duty and so she has to leave early. I got to drop her off at Market Market then I returned here... I just walked by the way. :)

Laureen Uy, Kryz Uy and Patricia Prieto.

With Ana. Congratulations for a very successful event! I know many will scream for BU3!

Eden. Nice to finally meet you!

Always so pretty, Vern Enciso.

Paul Jatayna. Thank you for OS! T'was great seeing you again.

With Karl Leuterio and Mike. Thanks Mike for the clothes!

Yep, I am a "suki" of JP Singson.
Please do support Status Magazine and get to JP's works there.

What I wore:
I love this dream catcher necklace.

Thank you Kaye Awatin for the Outfit shots!
Sleeveless Printed Top (Korean brand), Green Checkered long-sleeves Buttondown Shirt (Ralph Lauren), Scraf (Oxygen), Necklace (Thrifted), Beaded Bracelets (from Boracay), Full Length Pants (Wrangler), Brown Leather Boots (Forever 21) and Time Keeper (Rolex).

Going to bazaars is one of my favorite events during this Yuletide Holiday and one of the best bazaars there is, is no other than Bloggers United where you can find your favorite bloggers sell their stuff for a good price and for a great cause!

My friends and I went here early because in these kind of events you really must be early to get the good stuff otherwise you'll be left out with the ones well... "not bad items" but like what I said, be early to get the "awesome items"! and so we did and I think I will not tell you guys on how much I have spent but everything was cheap and just so you guys know, you can do haggling here!

I think if given the chance for next year, I'd like to participate in this event as well... well that is if you guys would want me to sell my stuff as well. I swear I'd sell them to you for a good price!

Congratulations to all the organizers! Especially to Melai, Ana and Paxie! We really had fun! Darn I get to go home bringing Four (4) Shopping bags with me... There you go, a testimony how great this event is!


Photographed by: Vergil Lloyd Chua
and Loraine Samsin
Venue: Treston College, The Fort


  1. It was super great to see you again, V!! :) Thank you for including me in this post! Much love, friend!



  2. hi, im now following your blog tho. :))) i was also at the bloggers united bazaar last saturday.. the event was so amazing. hope you check my blog too, and your follow is much appreciated.. :)) ciao!

  3. Sobrang nakakainggit naman na nakapunta ka! Parang andami din nakapunta eh. Boo. Too bad I had to work during the weekend so I missed this BU event again :(

  4. Arnie, Anne and Gel thanks for the comment! I hope to see you guys for the next events!

    @Anne- followed your blog now! :)

    @Gel- oh that's ok, let's all hope for BU 3! :)

  5. Looooved the photos! :) I definitely had fun during the event too!

  6. Had a great time with you, Yeng and Raine! See you guys soon!


  7. thank you for your time visiting my blog..great blogpost the photos of lissakahayon..sayang di ko sya naabutan..:)

  8. Great outfit! Hoping to see you around and meet you :)
    Thanks for the comment, btw :)