Friday, December 23, 2011

Yabu: The House of Katsu

 Threshold Sign of YABU.
 Just a short briefing, Yabu Restaurant is owned by the father of Mr. Michael Concepcion of Greater Good, Mr. John Marie Concepcion.
Yabu just opened last month, November 11, 2011 to be exact.

I get to ask Mr. Mon Tecson, Yabu Restaurant Manager why they have named it as it is and he said that in Japanese, "Ya" means eight (8) and "Bu" means two (2).
Then I followed a question, why eight and two?
He simply answered: Because it is a perfect Ten (10).

and I must agree with him that YABU is a PERFECT TEN!
Read more to see why.

There were already quite a population when we get to arrive and we are on the 5th on its waiting list but don't fret, though we are 5th we just managed to wait for about less than 10 minutes and we were escorted to a really nice spot.

Menu of Yabu
It's anime inspired, and if you guys would visit this restaurant you will be able to see that one of their walls has comic strips like this.

Chef Kazuya Takeda

Quick preview of how delicious and healthy their food is... and I tell you, their food is AWESOME!

I love how they bring a very classy bar outlook on their place.
These I guess are their sakes, too bad I did not get to try 'em so you guys out there go and try 'em for me and tell me how good they are!

If you guys can observe their wall in this picture, it is actually made up of wooden masu cups, the one that Japanese people would use in drinking sake.
Cool interior design right?!

The two big bottles their are dressings for your salad.
They both taste great, the vinigarette would give you the right amount of sour.

Pink salt. No worries, they taste the same.

Read 'em for me. lol
Though I think red one makes your food spicy and the green one (which I tried) adds the taste of garlic.

Perfect sauce for Katsu!

We just had unlimited iced tea to be safe, though I wanted to try some sake but I have to be a good boy in front of my dad. sigh.

This is my family.
Finally we got our orders now, by the way, they would let you wait for about 15 mins because they have to steam the meat and then fry it which makes their food tender on the inside yet crispy on the outside --Perfection.

Oh and their crew is very friendly and accommodating (definitely a plus factor!). Thanks again to YABU's Crew!

This is our dad.
Since he is ageing and all, we should make him observe his diet and so we ordered Chicken Katsu for him.

My older brother, Verdan Chua.
He had Pork Katsu.

My younger brother, Vermont Chua.
He ordered the same which was Pork Katsu.

 I ordered their specialty (which I heard from a lot of people from twitter), Chicken Katsu Curry Set.

Just a preview to ya'll and a closer look as well, this is what we ordered:

The Chicken and Pork Katsu almost look the same but this is the Chicken Katsu.

The following are included to what we have ordered sinvce they are all set.
Miso Soup

This is what ya'll will eat after dining. This will clean up your palette. 

Fresh Fruits (Pineapple and Watermelon).

Unlimited Cabbage Salad.
They are served fresh!

and this is what I ordered:

Their serving is really MASSIVE! so for all those people looking for an affordable yet will truly satisfy their hunger I fully recommend YABU!

What I had was good... really good! Then I get to taste what my family ordered then I came to realize that all of 'em taste just as good! They may trigger different flavors for your tongues but they all taste so good!

Then Sir Tecson told me that next time I should try Kurobuta, he exclaimed that it is the best meat that they offer... Now that he has mentioned it I will definitely come back and try it myself!

Then we had free dessert!

Who can ever resist chocolate and vanilla put together!? With these two incredible flavors combined will surely burst your cravings.
Can you see how chocolatey that cake is!?

My Thanks to Sir Mon Tecson, Yabu Restaurant Manager for the free dessert and for telling all about the details of this AWESOME YABU Restaurant.

What better way to spend the Filipino Christmas than treating your family on a great lunch or dinner date.

Yabu gives off that ease feeling without being too formal in dining yet the place remains classy and fun a the same time with the ambiance it will surely entice you to the modern Japanese interiors.

Therefore, do not forget to visit them at Megamall Atrium, second floor.

Also like their page on FACEBOOK: YABU: The House of Katsu
and follow them on TWITTER: @YABUPH
Go and start twitting them with the hashtag, #katsucraze

My gratitude to Connect Agency for the invite!
Merry Christmas to you guys!


Photographed by: Vergil Lloyd Chua
Venue: YABU, MegaMall Atrium, second floor.

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  1. Oh gosh V you had me drooling here! Definitely trying out Yabu soon! I better try their curry set, too! Looks so yummy! ♥ And, hello to your family!! :)