Saturday, November 26, 2011

Primadonna Launch Party

Ms. Divine Lee had some interviews with bloggers.

 The following are styled by group of bloggers per category:

Introducing the new endorser of Primadonna!

Ms. Anne Curtis!

 Congratulations too for the Primadonna Family for a very successful event and collection.

Awesome big shoes! lol

Will I ever let the event pass without our picture being taken? nuh uh!

Lol. Failed Photo.

With Ms. LJ Reyes and Mr. Paulo Avelino.

With Aisa Ipac.
One of the event's stylists and an awesome blogger.

 My thanks to Katerina Bianca!

Now let's proceed to their very stylish collection.

Thank you to QueendomofQueenB and TheStyleFlux for taking these two photos!

Blue Striped Long Sleeves Shirt (Christian Dior), Blue Violet Button-down Shirt (Versace), White Shorts (F&H), Blue Violet Shoes (SM Dept.), Time Keeper (Rolex).

I always have this deep appreciation for shoes whether it may be for male or female, it's just that I think shoes are one of the most important part of your outfit. There is this one professor in our university that I have always adored her shoes and so I complimented her and she said that it was the least she can do to her feet since they have been working so hard everyday just for you to get to your proper destination and so she would treat her feet with really good-looking pair of shoes.

So don't take your feet for granted!


Photographed by: Vergil Lloyd Chua
Venue: Shangri-La Makati


  1. See you in next events Verge!! :)


  2. @thestyleflux Yep! See you indeed!

  3. Thank you for the post!

    Much love,


  4. The reason I love shoes is because they're the only piece of clothing that never make me feel fat. :p It was great to meet you at the event, Vergil! See you at BU! :)

  5. OMG! V let me grab that pic of me with the rest of our blogger friends! so ganda! hahah

  6. ganda ng shoes! mahal ba sa primadona???

    1. Hello there! well it's sort of the affordable luxe type so expect that it's not that cheap but not that expensive either.