Wednesday, November 23, 2011


The Entrance shot by Lawryeng Castro

Jonver David, Gerd Perez, Frankie Torres and Lawryeng

Them with me. :)

Celebs on the house.

With Alyanna Martinez

Alyanna and Lawryeng

Tony Toni, Mia and Sam YG of Magic 89.9
Hosting the event.

Starting with this one:

All they have to do is to feed each other (there are 3 people ina  group) not themselves of a jar of fruits (I think they are fruits). They had to use latex gloves for hygiene purposes.

Congratulations to the group of Bianca Valerio!

With the awesome Carlos Concepcion.

Now, for the next game all they have to do is make Sam YG Smile using their finger.

I guess none of them won. lol.

Mike Smith, NOKIA N9 Product Manager.

Louie Ang of Smart gave NOKIA N9 to three lucky people.
Honestly, I was hoping I'd get to win this!
Nokia N9 is a really good smartphone!

It is available in these colors.
I always go with the classic black.

Gerd and Jonver

DJ Mars Miranda

This guy's outfit rocks!

DJ Jhonnyverse!

Tessa Valdez and Tim Yap

I love her presence in this kind of parties!

Brent Javier and Karen Pamintuan

Brand Manager of Oxygen Mr. Jeff Bascon

Jeff Bascon, Marie Digby and Lamont Waters.

 Thank you Flipped Manila!

We have to bid goodbye to Prive early that night since we all have jobs/classes the following day. How sad right?

Black Top (Penshoppe), Black Leather Jacket (Vintage), Gray Denim Full-Length Pants (Penshoppe), Black Boots (Fred Perry), Rings (Bring) and Necklace (Gift from sir Thep).
Photographed by: Frankie Torres

I can remember my first phone and it was a smartphone. Yes, 10 years ago when everybody is hovering on Nokia 3210's I was already on smartphones and that was by Smart.

Nowadays in the world where we have to do things simultaneously multitasking (redundant but well justified in my point of view), we just have to have something that will keep us organized, most especially updated and so if you think having smartphones is a luxury, well think again!

I am using Blackberry as of the moment, the one that was just released this year and it is functioning very well (I can already consider it as my bestfriend), but seeing this Smartphone from Nokia I suddenly have the urge of getting it, don't get me wrong, I am a person that can be contented it is just that N9 is that great!
So you guys better check it out.

It's so sad how my internship could be an interference with my social life, wished I could have stayed longer and spend the night together with my blogger friends.
Thanks to Connect Agency once again!


Photos by: Vergil Lloyd Chua
Venue: Prive


  1. Awww Missed you guys! too bad I passed this event! looks like you all had a great time!


  2. @thestyleflux yeah! t'was so much fun. We were really hoping you'd be there.

  3. very busy ah... thanks for wearing the bling2... haha.... nice blog