Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Philippine Fashion Week 2011: Penshoppe

The overview of the ramp.

Population was massive!

VIP Access

VJ Utt!

So fascinated with the vibrant shoes.

Claire Unabia of America's Next Top Model Cycle 10

Ready to see him?

Keep track on how close he will be from me.



and closer...

Ok there you go.

Mr. Alex Mendoza, The Brand Manager
escorted by Mario Maurer

The traditional confetti shower at the end of Penshoppe Show.

The Show ended with the cool tribal beats.

We get to meet Paolo Crodua once again.

With Mr. Jeff Bascon, Oxygen Brand Manager
and Ms. Rosario Herrera, Status Magazine Owner

With one of the Fashion Authorities,
Ms. Teresa Herrera
It is such an honor to meet you!

Black Button-down Shirt (Oxygen), Brown Denim pants (Memo), Black Military Boots (Fred Perry) and Time Keeper (Rolex)
This is what I had been wearing since The Ramp Crossings, Vans up to here since they were just all in this day.

Hip, Young and Fresh are few of the words that can describe the Spring Summer 2012 Collection of Penshoppe Invasion compared to their last PFW Show Which was the Trailblazer, that was full of designs that embodies something of the rock music genre in my perspective, though both collections are off the edge and very much trendy!

Color blocking is something that should be cautiously done, because you have to use palettes, shades and contrasts that would fill each piece and when put together shall harmonize the look but Penshoppe's styling made it seem so easy! Tops to the show's stylist!

I love the way they designed the ramp and by using a second floor overview for the models to stand and have the audience to take a look at each piece and then have them coordinated into places wherein still each clothing design will be emphasized from each other plus the music was also good, enjoyed it until the last beat!

Congratulations Penshoppe Team for a great show and most of all for a great collection that is anticipated by many... including myself! And congratulations also for creating an international impact through Ed Westwick and the newest family member, Mario Maurer.

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Venue: SMX Convention
Photographed by: Vergil Lloyd Chua


  1. So sad that they had to scam people behind their so-called "success".

  2. Love these shots, Vergil!! ☺ Definitely checking out Penshoppe's collection!

    And btw, it was so nice to meet you yesterday!!! Yay! See you again soon!