Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Philippine Fashion Week 2011: The Ramp Crossings

This is the first time that The Ramp Crossings were able to join Philippine Fashion Week and all i can say is that they should have joined it a long time ago.

Having an easy access in Makati (since I study there), I would always drop by Glorietta and most of the time my friends and I would usually go their store there and when we do, I am aften fascinated with everything they have there. The brands that I usually have eyes for are Mundo and Dean & Trent because their designs are very crafty, innovative yet classy with the tones and hues they would use with their products.

As you would observe my fashion taste, I would usually go with something very structured which I often find in their store and the best thing about it is that they sell these pieces in an affordable and reasonable price. Therefore, to all fashion enthusiasts I recommend you drop by their store to see it for yourselves.

A job well done to The Ramp Crossings for a great collection!


Venue: SMX Convention
Photographed by: Vergil Lloyd Chua

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