Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Philippine Fashion Week 2011: VANS

There is something about female DJ's that makes them so hot!

Blackberry Team together with

The really cool street style ramp.

The Hosts of the show,
Mr. Troy Montero and Ms. Juliann Savard

I just love the sports act between shows!

Who would not adore kids who can do stuff like this?

Introducing the Sample King!
Mr. Jhong Hilario

His stunts is one of the highlights of the show and t'was really entertaining! It gave more edge to the show.

Ms. Aubrey Miles, Mr. Troy Montero and their kid.

The whole VANS Family.

This is the first time I actually get to watch PFW Show at the Atrium of Mall of Asia and all I can say is that the prestige of the event was not compromised because VANS made the set up as if you'll get yourself hyped up with all the graffiti and awesome mixing of lights that surely justified the theme and the aimed ambiance of urbanity.

Vans' collection may be described as rock/punk chic, street style down to sporty yet stylish bikers/skaters which really looks hot and works for both sexes like if worn by men will give an additional feel of machismo and swag and if worn by girls will give a look and impression of exciting, spontaneous and swag without squaring up the sense of femininity.

What I like most about the show was the runway walk of the family of Troy Montero. It's just that they gave that family vibe that signifies the brand being wholesome and values oriented. It is just that I am so awed with influential brands that employs social responsibility.

My thanks to Connect Agency and Vans for creating this very hyped up creative event and awesome food and freebies! Congratulations for this very cool collection!

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Venue: Atrium, Mall of Asia
Photographed by: Vergil Lloyd Chua



  2. Hi, I'm Jojo Armenta, a correspondent from candymag.com. I would just like to ask if I can grab 3 photos from this blog? But of course, I will credit it to you. I just need it for my article for candymag.com. I didn't get nice shots kasi during the fashion show cause I was quite far from the runway :D Thank you and God bless