Friday, May 13, 2011

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011: MEMO

Before the show starts. I'm seated somewhere near the ramp.

Social Awareness Commercial.
It is good that they are showing these since most of the people watching are definitely coming from prominent families who can help such Societal Problems. 

Finally the show has started.
The color tone and texture is really my style.

Just experimenting, I love how it went though.

Brand Manager of MEMO, Ms. Lia Aranillo - Go

A proof of how small I am when with Male Models. Darn!

Shoji Kinoshita and Loraine Samsin
Thanks guys for accompanying me!

Loraine Samsin goofing off at the Preview Wall.

It's awful long time since we last see each other. We missed each other so much.

Because taking the long escalator is way better than taking the lift.

Lovely view of lights from the SMX Convention

Black Polo (Oxygen), Red Belt (SM Dept), White Pants (Solo), Black Boots (Fred Perry), Watch (Rolex) and Bring Rings

Nowadays most people have this multi-faceted life wherein they have this kind of work that requires flexibility that should maintain a proper sense of grace despite the mobility of the job and after working hours I know somehow they would like to jump off the stress that they have been to through the day and just go clubbing and partying especially on Friday nights (I know because though I am still a student I feel the pressure moreover the desire to do exciting activities after school).

Luckily, we have MEMO that would gain us access to such affordable fashion that links our Professional Job Attire without it being too formal and utterly nothing out of but ordinary and our Trendy Clothes suited for a good night-out leaving us nothing but sartorial designs that would fit the new era of Corporate Chic.

Things I like about MEMO is their design from the choice of fabric that guarantees comfort with class, the shades of colors that truly tones the classic corporate fashion, The cuts and styling that defines a smart individual ready to take lead of his career. One thing I have observed with their collection is that somehow there are pieces that can be worn by men that are off in their women's section which would be exciting for me, since styling with it somehow makes clothing out of the ordinary and unique but still desirable for the eyes of the norm and more so, often times it looks fashionably chic. So I thank MEMO for preparing a good show for everybody and of course Bizu for the food during the show, I fully recommend you especially to the young professionals.

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Venue: SMX Convention
Photographed by: Vergil Lloyd Chua

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