Sunday, May 15, 2011

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011: PENSHOPPE

See how massive the line is!

Thank God we are landing VIP! lol

We have Basti to come along with us.
He is such a great guy!

We get to meet a co-blogger Denise Talaba.
She is so awesome! Thanks for the tip about my cam.

These are the lucky girls that just got VIP for the show thanks to Lawryeng Castro.

A toast for Golden ABC's 25th Anniversary.
Congratulations and Thank you for such great fashion you have delivered to the Filipino Community.

Mr. Alex Mendoza, Penshoppe Brand Manager
Opening the Penshoppe's Show.

See? Some of 'em are already standing.

Spectacular Opening!

The long trench coat caught my eyes.

Love a good confetti shower after a great show.

Penshoppe's Brand Ambassadors.
Need I have to name 'em? I don't think so, we already know them by heart. lol

with Mr. Paul Jatayna, he has a very good impeccable taste in fashion. I'm really glad I get to see and take pictures with him.

With Mr. David Guison, Brand Ambassador of F21.
I am a fan of his works! Totally! Very happy to at least have a few conversations with him.

With Ms. Laureen Uy, Powersnet's Ambassador. She is one of our generation's pride I am so happy I get to meet her I hope we can meet again at Powersnet this Thursday.

Lawryeng Castro with Laureen Uy and her friends.
Beautiful People astounds me!

Lovin' these lights!

Found friends from School again!
Really happy that my environment appreciates these kinds of things.

Lawryeng Castro with Ms. Cacay

This champagne made me so red. T'was good though.

Cheers with one of our best nights!

With Ms. Rosario Herrera of Status Magazine.
She is so Awesome and very down to earth
My utmost gratitude for this Picture!

Once again thank you to Mr. Paolo Crodua for helping me out through the night. Hope we'll see each other next time!

White Printed Tee (Oxygen x StatusMagazine), Red Belt (SM Dept), Black Shorts (F&H), Black Boots (Fred Perry), Watch (Rolex)
Forgot to wear my Bring Rings, so sorry.

This Night is way awesome, one of the best nights I ever had! I came at SMX around 6:00pm and the people are already lining up like crazy. It's really nice though because we didn't have to line up like others since we fly VIP baby! Then we were seated at the 2nd row which really gave us great view to see everything.

Penshoppe has been so great ever since I started watching their shows and they just keep getting better! Congratulations once again to the whole GOLDEN ABC Family composed of: Regatta, ForMe, MEMO, OXYGEN and PENSHOPPE for your 25th Anniversary, I hope to see more of your shows in the future maintaining the VIP Seat.

The show was really epic! From the design of the stage (loving the big disco balls by the way), to the lights (can't help but to have a picture with the lights in the stage), to the music, to the food and drinks, and of course the collection and how they are presented... I can't even find a well justified adjective to describe it!

My friend, Lawryeng Castro had some extra VIP tickets since our friends didn't show up so what he did was find great dressers outside Function 5 who's lining up to Penshoppe and give it to them for free! Such a saint right? lol. It was great though because the people we get to meet are really nice, I hope to see them again.

Finally when the show was over we had the chance to meet people and have a good conversation with them including the people you've just seen in those pictures above and what I am really thankful most was meeting Ms. Rosario Herrera of Status Magazine, thank God I was wearing the shirt I won from Oxygen's Twitter Tee Off! Because then she saw me wearing it and tweeted a picture of me with my shirt that was actually a co-project of Status Magazine which also happened to be one of my favorite Magazines!
Really made my night, I love her so much she's very sweet.

So how can I sum up the night? I am seated VIP with one of this season's Philippine Fashion Week 2011's Greatest Show, I get to meet greatest people from the industry, get spotted by a magazine which is very historic for me. Maybe you can do the math for me. lol. Seriously had a hard time sleeping after this.

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Venue: SMX Convention
Photographed by: Vergil Lloyd Chua


  1. hi! first time visitor in your blog, saw your link in denise's blog.. anyway, you're so awesome and down to earth!! Loving this blog :) I was also in the penshoppe fashion show, i think you two were seated infront of us :D awesome!!!

  2. Oh thank you so much Hazel! I wish we could've introduced each other there. Read your blog, you too have quite an adventure. I hope we see each other in some other events. Stay awesome! :)

  3. I enjoyed reading your awesome article! You know, this post is really fabulous. Love the pictures too! Perfect! Thanks for sharing.

  4. @suit thanks! I am so happy that you enjoyed it! :)